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MPAcc Curriculum

MPAcc – Auditing & Assurance

The MPAcc Auditing & Assurance track consists of 10 classes offered over the three-quarter academic year.

Autumn Quarter

  • ACCTG 521
    Cases and Issues in Information Quality and Assurance Services (4) Discusses current and emerging issues in the regulation and practice of auditing.
  • ACCTG 523
    Advanced Financial Analysis (4) Explores issues in and tools for financial statement analysis by auditors and other accounting professionals.
  • ACCTG 527
    Communications in Professional Accounting (4) Introduction to the communications practices of professional accountants. Develops effective written and oral skills employed in accounting presentations such as audit reports.
  • ACCTG 579
    Special Topics: SOX, Controls and Computerized Systems (4) Examines internal control from an external audit perspective, such as the role of corporate governance and audit committees, corporate risk management, SOX 404, internal auditing and forensic auditing.

Winter Quarter

  • ACCTG 575
    Internship (14) Professional internship.
  • ACCTG 576
    Identification and Development of Independent Research Project Proposal (2) Essay reflecting on issues from internship experience. Grades will be assigned during spring quarter.

Spring Quarter

  • ACCTG 577
    Independent Research Project (4) Course explores issues in accounting reporting and auditing estimates and fair values.
  • ACCTG 526 (579)
    Current Issues in Accounting and Auditing (4) Challenges students to research, understand, and apply accounting and auditing guidance with a focus on current developments in financial reporting and auditing and the increasing importance of e-commerce, economic globalization, and investor reporting concerns.
  • ACCTG 528 (579A)
    Communications II (4) Continuation of Acctg 527. Major focus on interpersonal competencies in business and includes a capstone team project that involves developing an Audit Plan for a major company in the Seattle area and discussing the Audit Plan with a simulated audit committee.
  • ACCTG 529 (579)
    Special Topics: Business Law & Ethics (4) An Introduction to Commercial Law with an emphasis on Applied Business and Legal Ethics. Course will explore ethical issues and dilemmas facing business people and professionals within the substantive framework of the study of Law and Legal Systems.