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Certificates & Concurrent Degrees

The Foster MBA Program offers several certificates, programs and concurrent degrees you can pursue as electives. Explore interests within the Michael G. Foster School of Business or forge unique career paths at other schools in the University of Washington. Whether this means pursuing a concurrent degree in law and business, collaborating with researchers on a new technology, or taking your career to an international level, you can customize your MBA in many ways. Click on the headlines below to learn more.

Develop your own course

Working with a faculty member or a company, you can develop an independent study course to explore a specific area and earn credit toward your degree. Many students complete finance, strategy or marketing projects for local and international firms. Learn more about developing your own non-MBA course.

Focus your degree with courses outside the School of Business

Pursue an individual career path by taking up to four 4-credit courses (16 credits) relevant to your MBA goals at other schools and colleges within the University of Washington. For example, students have augmented their MBA studies with courses in international studies, public affairs, real estate and public health to name a few.

Concurrent Degrees