Student Ambassadors

The student ambassadors below are just a few of the many current students who generously volunteer their time to answer your questions about the Foster MBA program.

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Oluyinka Awobiyi - Full-time 2018
Oluyinka Awobiyi
Hometown: Lekki, Nigeria
Pre-MBA Job: Marketing
Aspirations after MBA: Consumer Goods, Technology, & Consulting

Club/Leadership Involvement: C4C, Foster Tech Club, Foster MBA Marketing Club, Diversity Club

Why did you choose Foster?: My major attraction to Foster was the right balance of academic rigor and hands-on opportunities for leadership development. The rigorous core curriculum coupled with the customizable 2nd year curriculum, provided me an opportunity to hone my technical skills and the option of exploring more than one area of Business for my MBA concentration.

Also, the strong career management team which provides extensive support to candidates through a career coaching and mentoring program, gave me the confidence that my potential in business school would be translated to a thriving career post-MBA. These in addition to opportunities to learn by doing through the consulting programs, Board Fellowships and other experiential learning programs, provided me the perfect mix I need to realize my short and long term career goals.

Advice to prospective students: Congratulations on your decision to pursue an MBA! Although it requires a great deal of effort, the end-point is quite rewarding both personally and professionally. In a world with endless choices of Business schools and countries where one could acquire an MBA, it is important to begin with an end in mind. This would guide your selection of an MBA Program best suited to your career choice and desired experiences. With an end in mind you would also come across as focused and decisive; a key attribute I found a lot of reputable Business Schools look out for.

Sam French - Full-time 2018
Sam French
Hometown: Winston Salem, United States
Pre-MBA Job: Teacher and School Administrator
Aspirations after MBA: Consulting (with non-profits eventually)

Club/Leadership Involvement: Net Impact & Consulting Society

Why did you choose Foster?: I was excited about the opportunity to work at both Foster and the Evans School. I was also attracted to the diverse, vibrant, and collaborative community at Foster.

Advice to prospective students: Spend time at Foster during the application process. Get a feel for the culture and community.

Kyle Graves - Full-time 2018
Kyle Graves
Hometown: Auburn, United States
Pre-MBA Job: Human Resources/Military
Aspirations after MBA: Seattle startup scene. Global Health, technology, consumer products. More important to be part of a small startup with the desire to inspire change.

Club/Leadership Involvement: Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Club/Venture Fellows,
Marketing Club, Strategy Club, Net Impact, & Women In Business

Why did you choose Foster?: I wanted to be a part of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle’s amazing startup and venture capital scene. Foster and the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship have invaluable connections to the Seattle startup scene and the major players in the area that are available to me as a student. The choice was easy. Foster is simply the best possible place I could be.

Advice to prospective students: Make sure your finances, family, and healthcare are in order prior to starting business school so that you can concentrate on your schoolwork and career search as early as possible.

Brain James - Full-time 2018
Brian James
Hometown: Yorba Linda, United States
Pre-MBA Job:
Product Management
Aspirations after MBA: Healthcare

Club/Leadership Involvement: Healthcare & Biotechnology, EVCC, Net Impact, Strategy, & Consulting

Why did you choose Foster?: I chose Foster because of the small, intimate class size and the incredible diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of the student body.

Advice to prospective students: Understand what you want to accomplish by getting an MBA and try to hit the ground running as much as possible!

Elaine Ji - Full-time 2018
Elaine Ji
Hometown: Suzhou, China
Pre-MBA Job: Project Manager and Analyst
Aspirations after MBA: Consulting, Consumer Goods, Technology, & Healthcare

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting Society, Technology Club, Strategy Club, Marketing Association, Operations Club, & Net Impact

Why did you choose Foster?: Apart from being a top-ranked academic program and having a smaller class size, the Foster MBA program really differentiated itself by providing amazing student support and services. Everyone I talked to during the application/admission process was very attentive and it just felt like they truly cared about the students, that we aren’t just a number.

Advice to prospective students: Talk to as many current students or alumni as possible in your application process! School websites are informative, but interacting with actual students from the program will give you a much better sense of whether or not a particular MBA program is the best fit for you. Remember it IS a two-way street! When the school is determining whether or not you are a good fit, you should be doing the same thing by evaluating the program’s fit for you.

Min Kim - Full-time 2018
Min Kim
Hometown: Las Vegas, United States
Pre-MBA Job:
Investment Accounting
Aspirations after MBA: Tech, Financial Services

Club/Leadership Involvement: Student Investment Fund, Finance Society, Challenge for Charity, Marketing Association, Foster Foodies, Operations Club, & Diversity in Business

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster’s potential was what attracted me as it has great exposure to well-known companies locally, nationally and globally. Also, the program was well structured to provide guidance for the MBA students looking to switch careers.

Advice to prospective students: You should never be afraid to explore what’s out there. Even if you are fully satisfied with what you currently possess, it’s always worth it to know what your options are.

Lauren Krainski - Full-time 2018
Lauren Krainski
Hometown: Pittsburgh, United States
Pre-MBA Job: Management Consulting, Corporate Strategy
Aspirations after MBA: Technology & Consumer Products

Club/Leadership Involvement: Women in Business (Forte Fellow), Finance Society, Marketing Association, Technology Club, & Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital Club

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster hosts a close-knit community while providing many opportunities for leadership, team-building, and practical experience. The Pacific Northwest is a fast-growing region, and Foster has an incomparable network with the exciting companies in the area.

Advice to prospective students: Find a program that genuinely “fits” with your post-MBA goals (i.e., has a strong network with your industry and functional objectives) and during-MBA goals (i.e., culture, community, leadership opportunities).

Alessandro Longhi - Full-time 2018
Alessandro Longhi
Hometown: Itu, Brazil
Pre-MBA Job: Operations
Aspirations after MBA: Consulting or Technology

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting Society, Strategy Club, Finance Society, Student Investment Fund & Foster Tech

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster offers a perfect fit to my current interests and development goals. There’s also a strong team-building culture due to small class sizes and the program focus on real-world experiences, which can get you more prepared even before you start your full-time job.

Advice to prospective students: First of all, you should choose the business school that most suits your career interests. You can always have access to the business school website, current students and alumni, who can help you through this decision. Another piece of advice is never underestimate the application steps and only submit your application when you feel that you have great essays, good test scores and recommendation letters from the right people.

Masha Makarenkova - Full-time 2018
Masha Makarenkova
Hometown: Tashkent/Moscow, Uzbekistan/Russia
Pre-MBA Job: Executive Search/Recruiter
Aspirations after MBA: Aviation/Airline, Retail, & Tech

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting Club, Net Impact, Marketing Club, Woman in Business Club, & Diversity Club

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster has great diversity among students, professors, faculty and it’s a great place to learn every day.

Advice to prospective students: Be yourself, be collaborative and open minded. It will pay off!

Prateek Rana - Full-time 2018
Prateek Rana
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Pre-MBA Job: Financial Analytics
Aspirations after MBA: Strategy and Operations Consulting

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting society, tech club, & strategy club

Why did you choose Foster?: I was attracted by the small class size and access to business opportunities in the growing Seattle market.

Advice to prospective students: Do enough research!

Abby Schilbach - Full-time 2018
Abby Schilbach
Hometown: Riverside, United States
Pre-MBA Job: Fundraising/Marketing
Aspirations after MBA: Marketing or marketing consulting, possibly in tech.

Club/Leadership Involvement: Marketing, Tech, Strategy, C4C, Net Impact (and Women in Business, Consulting, & Part II)

Why did you choose Foster?: The supportive culture, the small class size, the amazing people, and the chance it gives people to reinvent themselves.

Advice to prospective students: Absolutely come and visit to see a class and meet current students. It seemed so scary on the other side, but once you see that students are people just like you, wanting to learn and redirect their career, it will make you all the more motivated to start your MBA (and come here)!

Ami Shastri - Full-time 2018
Ami Shastri
Hometown: Indore, India
Pre-MBA Job: Consulting
Aspirations after MBA: Consumer Technology and E commerce.

Club/Leadership Involvement: Technology, Consulting, Marketing, Women in Business, & Forte Fellow

Why did you choose Foster?: The strong relationships the school has with recruiters
, location in Seattle/Pacific Northwest, the strong alumni network, and the increasingly strong Foster brand as demonstrated by improving rankings.

Advice to prospective students: Choose a school which helps you build a career of your choice, evaluate all parameters holistically!

Gillian Van Der Schaaf - Full-time 2018Gillian Van Der Schaaf
Hometown: San Diego, United States
Pre-MBA Job: Operations
Aspirations after MBA: Retail & Tech

Club/Leadership Involvement: MBAA, Strategy Club, Operations Club, & C4C

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster has an amazing, supportive community that provides the opportunity to work on highly motivated teams who focus on winning together

Advice to prospective students: Choose a program where you can be yourself, and will be challenged in ways beyond the classroom setting.

Alex Zverev - Full-time 2018
Alex Zverev
Hometown: Irkutsk, Russia
Pre-MBA Job: Digital Marketing
Aspirations after MBA: Tech

Club/Leadership Involvement: Foster marketing association, Foster tech, Net Impact, Outdoors and sport industry club, Strategy club, & Operation clubs.

Why did you choose Foster?: Great culture, exposure to a growing tech industry, strong academic focus, location.

Advice to prospective students: Be yourself, do not afraid to challenge yourself, be confident and humble.