Program Fees

When you enroll in the Evening MBA Program, you will be charged the same tuition rate for all three years of the program; however, the quarterly fees may change each year. Tuition payments are due quarterly by the Tuition/Fee Assessment Deadline and can be paid via electronic deposit, cash, check, money order, or credit card (2.24% fee). International students can also pay by wire transfer. Details are available on the Tuition Payment website.

Refer to the table below for the rate that applies to your year of admission.

Evening MBA Program Tuition for 2016-2017
Year admitted to the Program Quarterly Tuition* Quarterly Fees+ Tuition & Fees per Academic Year (3 quarters) Total Program Cost including Tuition & Fees
Autumn 2016
Resident & Non-Resident
$353 $24,579 $77,657
Autumn 2015
Resident & Non-Resident
$353 $23,811 $75,225
Autumn 2014
Resident & Non-Resident
$353 $23,151 $73,133

*Tuition costs based on 8 credits. There are additional per credit tuition costs for taking 9 or more credits in a single quarter. (Note: The two exceptions to this extra tuition are MGMT 510: Leadership Development/Building Effective Teams, a 2-credit core course during the autumn of your first year and a 9th credit required during the autumn of your second–no tuition will be charged for these 3 extra credits.) Learn more about financing your MBA.

+International students (students studying at UW on a visa) incur an additional international student fee of $45 per quarter.

The Evening MBA Program is a fee-based program. Students enrolled in this program are not eligible for the tuition exemption program, institutional tuition waivers or the Undergraduate/Graduate University Grant programs, including the Husky Promise program. Read more about fee-based programs.