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Evening MBA Student Ambassadors

The culture of the Foster School of Business is characterized by a strong sense of community in which every MBA has their own story. The MBA Ambassador program is designed to introduce prospective students to the Foster community. Evening Ambassadors share their perspectives regarding admission, classes, faculty, and life as a MBA student.

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Meet Our Evening MBA Student Ambassadors

Aaron Bowen

Aaron BowenClass of 2019
Hometown: Issaquah by way of Seoul
Current employer: Amazon – Prime Video
Job Title: Program Manager
MBA field of study: Finance, Strategy
Undergraduate Degree: Journalism & Mass Communication
Email Aaron.

Why you chose Foster: The quality of professors, peers, network and program structure. The Evening Program specifically provides students a great opportunity to maximize their learning experiences by directly applying classroom learnings to work, and vice versa. I started work at Amazon about a month before my first quarter in the Evening program and within the first few classes we did an analysis of Amazon’s annual financial statements. As simple as that sounds it taught me so much about my company and gave me a new perspective on how my department (Video) fits in to Amazon’s overall business.

Advice to prospective students: Do your research! Attend as many admissions events as you can and make sure to do a class visit. Another thing I would recommend would be to continually evaluate how you are organizing your tasks. It is easy to compartmentalize so I have found it very helpful to have a weekly list of things I need to do for school, work, and life in general – be sure to include fun things like going out with friends or date night with your boo.

Bryan Williams

Brian WilliamsClass of 2019
Hometown: Parkdale, Oregon
Current employer: Terex AWP
Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer II
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Industrial Engineering; B.S. Manufacturing Engineering
Email Bryan.

Why you chose Foster: Originally, I was looking at other programs and online programs from a location flexibility and cost standpoints but I ultimately determined Foster was the only program that was the right fit. Foster offered everything I was looking for from the Networking, Extra Curricular Opportunities, and Academics. And now, I am excited and appreciative to now be a part of the Foster Family.

Advice to prospective students: Determine if Foster is the right fit for you, it might not be and it very well could be! In my opinion the only way to determine that decision, which was extremely helpful for me, is to go to as many admission events, class visits, and talk to current/previous students. Don’t be shy, everyone was in your shoes at one point. I wouldn’t recommend only basing the decision by the program statistic and the brochures, you should experience it.

Nicholas Sibran

Nicholas SibranClass of 2019
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Current employer: Russell Investments
Job Title: Financial Analyst
MBA field of study: Finance
Undergraduate Degree: Economics, International Studies
Email Nicholas.

Why you chose Foster: I attended the University of Washington as an undergraduate and had a chance to get a sense of the amazing learning experience that Foster offers. The faculty is incredibly knowledgeable, and students are hardworking, dedicated, and come from a diverse background. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere that encourages innovation and creativity to solving problems. The program offers a plethora of opportunities to get involved outside the classroom from clubs through workshops and plenty of casual social events to provide a truly immersive education.

Advice to prospective students: joining Foster feels like joining a big family. It can get overwhelming at first since there’s just so much going on. However, like a good family, Foster takes care of its students well. Everyone from staff through faculty to fellow students is so helpful and they are excited to contribute to each student’s academic, professional, and social goals. My advice to prospective students is to take their time exploring all that Foster has to offer – being successful in the program depends greatly on what one is willing to put into it.

Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie MurphyClass of 2019
Hometown: Puyallup, WA
Current employer: Nordstrom
Job Title: Merchandise Analyst
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Email Stephanie.

Why you chose Foster: I chose Foster for several reasons. I’d always wanted to earn my MBA to hone my technical business background and build upon my undergraduate studies. Having attended a small liberal arts university for undergrad, it was very important for me to be in a collaborative environment where I could build relationships with both my classmates and professors. After attending several admissions events, I fell in love with the sense of community that Foster has and was hooked on the cohort style of the program.

Advice to prospective students: Be yourself! I was a bit intimidated coming from a more qualitative work background in an applicant pool full of engineers, but I was happy to find that my perspective is valued and often enlightening. Additionally, the professors teach in a way that is engaging and easy to pick up subjects that may be a bit daunting. The entire Foster staff genuinely wants you to thrive in the program so they provide an incredible amount of resources to help you succeed.

Will Levin

Will LevinClass of 2019
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current employer: Turner Construction
Job Title: Project Manager
MBA field of study: Operations and Entrepreneurship
Undergraduate Degree: BA – Architecture, BS – Construction Management
Email Will.

Why you chose Foster: I chose Foster for its emphasis on the cohort. As someone who values collaboration and teamwork, I sought to learn in an environment focused on diversity of thought, varied experiences and integrated learning. Each time I visited Foster prior to my acceptance, I was impressed by the students in the program. I appreciated their enthusiasm, intellect and knowledge. The environment and community was inspiring, and I wanted to be part of that atmosphere. Finally, the rigor of the Foster program and faculty was important.

Advice to prospective students: Think about what inspires you in life, and consider how an MBA might help you achieve your goals. If you think coming to Foster will help you get there, tackle the entire experience with passion, and commitment to your peers and hard work.

Andrew Dunford

Andrew DunfordClass of 2018
Hometown: Richland, WA
Current employer: The Boeing Company
Job Title: Interiors Engineer
MBA field of study: Marketing, Management, Operations
Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering
Email Andrew.

Why you chose Foster:  Not only does it provide a world-class education, Foster offered so many opportunities to hone my leadership skills and make everlasting connections with fellow students, faculty, and business leaders from around the region.  My biggest reason for choosing Foster was the culture.  I love the cohort model and the emphasis on the team environment.  Also, the extraordinary level of drive and motivation among the student body was incredibly inspiring to me.

Advice to prospective students:  Make sure you sign-up to do a class visit.  It’s such a valuable experience to interact with the current students, hear their perspective on the program, and ask all of your burning questions.  Moreover, don’t be afraid to apply to Foster if you don’t have a business degree.  No matter your background, the experience will be highly fulfilling.

Anand Yadav

Anand YadavClass of 2018
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Current employer: Microsoft
Job Title: Software Development Engineer
MBA field of study: International Business, Management
Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science
Email Anand.

Why you chose Foster: At an advanced stage in my career, I wanted to go for a program in which I can clearly see the benefits to my existing and future roles. Foster was ranked as the top institute in the northwest and the breadth of electives offered made it an easy choice to go for. A major tipping point was the class visit and the learning culture that I experienced in the class just put a seal on the decision to go for Foster. It was interactive, free-flow and discussion oriented – exactly what I was looking for.

On the personal front also, it made more sense to go for the evening program and therefore, logistically also Foster remained as the top choice on all those criteria.

Advice to prospective students: Find out for what kind of a learning experience you are looking for during your MBA and then accordingly make a decision. At Foster you are never alone, from the time you start to even plan for filling out the application, through the whole duration of the program and even later. There are tons of resources to tap into and get help. There will be tough times, but that’s when the amazing team learning culture will help you get through. This is a BIG investment in your future. Discuss this within your family and ensure you are all on-board with the decision. There is nothing better than having a full support of your loved ones to go ahead and take on the challenge.

Be prepared to have some serious fun!

Makenzie Brandon

Makenzie BrandonClass of 2018
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current employer: Seattle Academy
Job Title: Dean of Student Life
MBA field of study: Entrepreneurship, Management
Undergraduate Degree: Kinesiology
Email Makenzie.

Why you chose Foster: Choosing a business program was not solely about the academic course offerings and the school reputation. While Foster stands out in both of those areas, to me, choosing a business program was about the community I could become a part of. I chose Foster because I could see that it not only provides the strong foundation of business skills that I seek, but also provides a highly intelligent, diverse, engaging, and collaborative community that both intrigues and challenges me on a daily basis.

Advice to prospective students: Dive in. It is easy to overthink and worry about how it will all come together – how you will balance work, grad school, families, etc.—but once you are in it, you find a way. And, you find that you are surrounded by a great host of other students and faculty who are genuinely happy to support you.

Loretta Black

black-lorettaClass of 2018
Home town: Federal Way, WA
Current employer: Weyerhaeuser
Job title: Human Resources, Benefits Communication Specialist
MBA field of study: Marketing and Global Business
Undergraduate degree: BA Psychology, BA Communication

Why you chose Foster: I chose an MBA to gain a more well-rounded business acumen and to acquire practical knowledge around core functions such finance, accounting, economics, management, operations, and strategy. The Foster Evening MBA program offers excellent professors, high academic and job placement rankings, and work compatibility.

Advice to prospective students: Attend a Class Visit. Go to Admissions’ Information Sessions. Meet students in the program. These activities helped me know the quality of my potential classmates – and that these are the kind of people I want to invest my graduate school years learning alongside.