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Business Italy: Winter Quarter

The Business Italy Program for Winter Quarter 2025 be open April 15 – May 15, 2024. The application is now closed for Business Italy 2025.

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Program Details

During Winter Quarter each year, Foster undergraduate students have the chance to travel abroad with Foster Professors to earn their required upper division business core courses with a small Foster cohort. In odd years, the program is in Rome, Italy, and in even years, the program is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This Foster Faculty-Led Program is a tremendous opportunity to stay on track with Foster coursework, live like a local for a quarter, connect with Foster peers, and building meaningful relationships with Foster Faculty.

On the Business Italy Program (odd years), students will take their classes at the UW Rome Center located in the very heart of Rome, Italy. The Foster undergraduate majors and Professors will all live in apartments a short walk away with ample opportunity to explore the city. In addition to taking courses at the UW Rome Center, students will get to visit famous cultural sites in Rome with local historians and meet Italian business leaders during Foster organized company visits.

On the Business Argentina Program (even years), students will take their courses from Foster Faculty at the Universidad de San Andres (UdeSA) downtown campus in the heart of Buenos Aires. The UdeSA facilities are in the beautiful Recoleta neighborhood, a part of town which is extremely well connected by public transportation and surrounded by parks, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. The program is designed to enhance the business courses with an international dimension. The courses will bring in case studies or examples that tie the material to what you are experiencing in Latin America. Additionally, students will have opportunities to see real-world applications of the principles through both company visits by the group and individual observations. Possible visits include a new start-up HUB as well as state-owned and private enterprises. Throughout the quarter, students will also engage in a variety of cultural activities and excursions such as an ‘Asado’ at an Argentinian Estancia and a Tango show.

Eligibility: At the time of application, the applicant needs to be a current Foster undergraduate major who will complete all lower division business courses and a minimum of 45 credits before departure.

Dates and Courses

Business Italy (Winter Q 2025)

Dates: January 6-March 21, 2025

Credits: Students will take 3 or 4 courses of 5 offered totaling 12-17 UW credits. The price is the same whether a student takes 3 or 4 courses.

Course Offerings:

  • I S 300 with Foster Professor Shaosong Ou (5 credits)
  • OPMGT 301 with Foster Professor Hamed Mamani (4 credits)
  • MKTG 301 with Foster Professor Marty Matthews (4 credits)
  • MKTG 450: Consumer Behavior with Foster Professor Marty Matthews (4 credits)
  • ART H 150 for A&H credit local art historian taught course (5 credits)

Program Cost

The Business Italy Winter Quarter 2025 cost is $11,710. This covers the cost of the credits, fees, housing, insurance, and program activities (company visits and cultural visits). This amount is due to UW instead of tuition by the Winter Quarter tuition deadline. Nothing is due before that date.

Foster Study Abroad Fee

Each Foster Study Abroad Program will include the following fees in the program price: Foster Study Abroad Fee ($375) and UW Study Abroad Fee ($495).

The Foster Study Abroad fee is an Administrative Fee that funds all Foster Study Abroad activities, including organizing the programs, recruiting participants, assisting faculty, organizing pre-departure and post-return classes and events, and for providing study abroad advising for students. This fee is charged to all students participating on a Foster Study Abroad Program regardless of major.

Program Application

The application is due by May 15th each year.