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Foster in the Media

The faculty, students, alumni and staff of the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business are in the news on a regular basis. From feature stories to faculty quotes, find a taste of recent media coverage below.

Inc. | December 1, 2013
3 Reasons Founding Teams Don’t Survive

By Buerk Center Advisory Board Member Marc Barros

UW Biology eNews | December 1, 2013
Alum Profile: Cindy Wu, ’11

Featuring: Cindy Wu and Microryza (Jones + Foster Accelerator 2013)

GeekWire | December 1, 2013
Commentary: A lean startup approach to making booze

Featuring: Nathan Kaiser, UW alum and friend of the Buerk Center

Seattle P.I. | December 1, 2013
Golden Tate’s Seattle skyline socks made by local company

Featuring: Strideline (Jones + Foster Accelerator 2013)

GeekWire | October 1, 2013
Startup Day Video: Contour co-founder Marc Barros on the pitfalls of becoming a CEO

Featuring: Marc Barros, Buerk Center Advisory Board member (Dempsey Startup 2003)

Xconomy | September 1, 2013
NanoString wins FDA approval of breast cancer diagnostic test

Featuring: NanoString Technologies (Dempsey Startup 2003)

Seattle Times | July 1, 2013
At Burke, empowering women, one baby blanket at a time

Featuring: Haiti Babi (Jones/Foster Accelerator 2013)

Michigan Live | July 1, 2013
Device installed at Mary Free Bed restores mibility to 40-year-old teacher

Featuring: Cadence Biomedical (Dempsey Startup 2010)

Seattle Times | July 1, 2013
Microryza helps round up dollars for fund-it-yourself science

Featuring: Microryza (Jones/Foster Accelerator 2012)

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