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New study ranks UW Foster Accounting PhD Program in the top five worldwide

According to a new study measuring research productivity of accounting doctoral programs, the University of Washington Foster School of Business PhD Program in Accounting ranks among the top five in the world.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers at Brigham Young University and Utah State University, based the rankings on the number of articles published by PhD graduates in eleven top accounting journals during the years immediately following their graduation.

Foster accounting PhD alumni who graduated between the years 2000 to 2009 rank second in the world for articles published within 3 years of graduation, putting their productivity ahead of all PhD granting schools worldwide, public and private, except for the University of Michigan. For accounting PhDs graduating between the years 1990-2009, Foster ranks fifth.

Rankings were also compiled separately by topical area (financial, managerial, audit, tax, and AIS) and by research methodology (empirical, experimental, and analytical).  For articles published in the topical areas within three years of graduation, Foster accounting PhDs ranked second in financial, third in tax, sixth in managerial and twenty-fourth in audit.  With respect to research methodology, Foster PhDs ranked second in empirical and fifth in experimental.

Terry Shevlin, professor of accounting, and Department of Accounting chair, sees the results as a testament to the quality of Foster’s faculty and PhD students.  “Our faculty devote a lot of time and energy to educating the next generation of accounting professors and working closely with them on joint research,” says Shevlin.

Shevlin also notes that the Foster Accounting PhD Program is small compared to some programs at larger public schools.  “We have approximately twelve to fifteen students in residence at any given time and we graduate on average two or three students per year, so it’s not the quantity of graduates driving the department’s rankings.  Rather, it’s our quality.”

Not surprisingly, the Foster School Accounting Department faculty is also highly ranked on their research productivity.