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Foster School recognizes extraordinary faculty, staff achievement

The University of Washington Foster School of Business has issued its annual awards honoring exemplary faculty and staff achievement for academic year 2010-11:

Faculty Excellence Awards

PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching – Lance Young
Dan Siegel Award for Service – Thomas Gilbert
UW Distinguished Teaching Award – Christina Fong
The Charles E. Summer Outstanding Teaching Award – Thomas Gilbert
Dean’s Leadership Award – Louise Kapustka
Faculty Research Award – Terry Shevlin
Graduate Teaching Award – Greg Bigley
Undergraduate Teaching Award – Hamed Mamani
The Lex N. Gamble Family Award for Excellence in Case Development & Curriculum Innovation – Elizabeth Stearns
The William A. & Helen I. Fowler Endowment for Special Achievement in Accounting – Weili Ge

Graduate Programs Teaching Recognitions

MBA Core Professor of the Year – Thomas Gilbert
MBA Elective Professor of the Year – Kathy Dewenter
MBA Professors of the Quarter (Autumn 2010) – Thomas Gilbert (core), Jennifer Koski (elective)
MBA Professors of the Quarter (Winter 2011) – Michael Johnson (core), Mark Forehand (elective)
MBA Professors of the Quarter (Spring 2011) – Mark Hillier (core), Morela Hernandez (elective)
Evening MBA Professor of the Year (Class of 2011) – Mark Forehand
Evening MBA Professor of the Year (Class of 2012) – Michael Johnson
Evening MBA Professor of the Year (Class of 2013) – Mark Soliman
Executive MBA Excellence in Teaching Award (Regional) – Bob Bowen and Shelly Jain
Executive MBA Excellence in Teaching Award (North America) – Bob Bowen and Greg Bigley
TMMBA Excellence in Teaching Award (Monday Section) – Greg Bigley and Frank Hodge
TMMBA Excellence in Teaching Award (Wednesday Section) – Jonathan Karpoff and Frank Hodge
Executive Development Program Excellence in Teaching Award – Pat Bettin
PhD Outstanding Mentor Award – Yong Tan

Undergraduate Program Teaching and Staff Recognitions

Undergraduate Faculty and Staff of the Year:
Marketing & International Business – Marty Matthews
Finance & Business Economics – Alan Hess
Information Systems & Operations Management – Hamed Mamani
Management & Organization – John Castle
Accounting – Weili Ge
Staff member – Robin Boddie

Undergraduate Faculty and Staff of the Autumn Quarter:
Marketing & International Business – Jack Whelan
Finance & Business Economics – Frances Maloy
Information Systems & Operations Management – Izic Chon
Accounting – Dawn Matsumoto
HR Management & Leadership – Christina Fong
Staff Member – Pamela Lacson

Undergraduate Faculty and Staff of the Winter Quarter:
Marketing & International Business – Leta Beard
Finance & Business Economics – Jarrad Harford
Information Systems & Operations Management – Shaosong Ou
Accounting – Bill Resler
HR Management & Leadership – Dong Liu
Staff Member – Sarah Eytinge

Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Award – Jennifer Lang
Emerging Leader Award – Wren McNally
Team Excellence Award – Foster Facilities Team (James Alexander, Patty Ching, Ryan Hawkinson, Mark Mihok)

Faculty Promotions & Appointments

Kamran Moinzadeh – Chair, Department of Information Systems & Operations Management
Weili Ge – Association Professor of Accounting
Shailendra Jain – Professor of Management & International Business
Yong Tan – Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

New Appointments to Professorships and Fellowships

David Burgstahler – Julius Roller Professor
Deb Dey – Marion B. Ingersoll Professor
Weili Ge – Moss Adams Professor
Zoe-Vonna Palmrose – Kermit Hanson Professor
Jeffrey Shulman – Michael G. Foster Faculty Fellow

Faculty and Staff Retirements in 2011

Nancy Clarke
Rocky Higgins
Phil Kienast
Reza Moinpour
Dick Nolan
Kim Tamura

New Faculty Hires in 2011

Jonathan Brogaard (Northwestern) – Finance
Ryan Fehr (Maryland) – Management & Organization
Oliver Rutz (Yale) – Marketing & International Business
Elizabeth Umphress (Texas A&M) – Management & Organization
Zoe-Vonna Palmrose (USC) – Accounting

New Staff Hires 2011

Heather Alexander-Engelbrecht, Communications/Events Mgr., CIE
Carla Andrade, Technical Secretary, MIB
Jennifer Bauermeister, Fund Raising/Events Coordinator, BEDC
Patty Ching, Facilities Coordinator/Paccar Hall
Arlo Hammontree, Program Coordinator, MBA
Wendy Kelley, Philanthropy Officer, Advancement
Dorothy Kim, Strategic Advisor, Executive Education
Alycia McKenzie, Program Coordinator, BCC
Nicole Merrill, Assistant Director, MBA Global Programs, GBC
Kara Moraski, Marketing Manager, Executive Education
Michael Richter, Academic Counselor, UPO
Emily Warren, Program Coordinator, MBA