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Foster School honors exemplary faculty, staff achievement

The University of Washington Foster School of Business has issued its annual awards recognizing exemplary faculty and staff achievement for academic year 2011-12:

Faculty Excellence Awards

PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching – Erich Studer-Ellis
Dan Siegel Award for Service – Jennifer Koski
Charles E. Summer Outstanding Teaching Award – Bob Bowen
Dean’s Leadership Award – Vikki Haag Day, Jai-Anana Elliott, Eric Nobis, Mick Westrick
Faculty Research Award – Oliver Rutz
Graduate Teaching Award – Frank Hodge
Undergraduate Teaching Award – Shaosong Ou
Lex N. Gamble Family Award for Excellence in Case Development & Curriculum Innovation – Jennifer Koski
William A. & Helen I. Fowler Endowment for Special Achievement in Accounting – Dawn Matsumoto

Graduate Programs Recognitions

MBA Professors of the Year – Jennifer Koski (Class of 2012), Thomas Gilbert (Class of 2013)
MBA Professors of the Quarter (Autumn 2011) – Jennifer Koski, Thomas Gilbert
MBA Professors of the Quarter (Winter 2012) – Mark Forehand, Charles Hill
MBA Professors of the Quarter (Spring 2012) – Elizabeth Stearns, Mark Hillier
Evening MBA Professor of the Year (Class of 2012) – Morela Hernandez
Evening MBA Professor of the Year (Class of 2013) – Deborah Glassman (core), Mark Forehand (elective)
Evening MBA Professor of the Year (Class of 2014) – Mark Soliman
Evening MBA Staff Member of the Year – Dan Poston
Robert M. Bowen EMBA Excellence in Teaching (Regional) – Pat Bettin, Greg Bigley
Robert M. Bowen EMBA Excellence in Teaching (North America) – Pat Bettin, Rob Palmatier
TMMBA Excellence in Teaching (Monday Section) – Frank Hodge, Suresh Kotha
TMMBA Excellence in Teaching (Wednesday Section) – Frank Hodge, Kamran Moinzadeh
EDP Excellence in Teaching – Pat Bettin
GEMBA Excellence in Teaching – Pat Betting, Dan Turner
PhD Outstanding Mentors – Terry Shevlin (ACCT), Thomas Gilbert (FIN), Ted Klastorin (ISOM), Kevin Steensma (M&O), Mark Forehand (MKT)

Undergraduate Program Recognitions

Undergraduate Faculty and Staff of the Year:
Marketing, International Business & Entrepreneurship – Jeff Shulman
Finance & Business Economics – Jarrad Harford
HR, Management & Entrepreneurship – Hugh Judd
Accounting – Frank Hodge
Staff member – Jess Rush

Undergraduate Faculty and Staff of the Autumn Quarter:
Marketing & International Business – Marty Matthews
Finance & Business Economics – Lance Young
Information Systems & Operations Management – Hamed Mamani
Accounting – Jane Reich
Staff Member – Wil Tutol

Undergraduate Faculty and Staff of the Winter Quarter:
Marketing & International Business – Leta Beard
Finance & Business Economics – Alan Hess
Information Systems & Operations Management – Shaosong Ou
Accounting – Bill Resler
HR Management & Leadership – Vitaly Nishanov
Staff Member – Aaron Robertson

Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence – Pam Tufts, Tim Hossain
Emerging Leader – Emily Warren

Faculty Promotions & Appointments

Shailendra Pratap Jain – Chair, Department of Marketing and International Business
Pete Dukes – Chair, Department of Accounting
Mark Forehand – Professor of Marketing
Dawn Matsumoto – Professor of Accounting
Robert Palmatier – Professor of Marketing
Michael Johnson – Associate Professor of Management
Jeffrey Shulman – Associate Professor of Marketing

New Appointments to Professorships and Fellowships

Sarah McVay – Glen & Lucille Legoe Professorship
Dawn Matsumoto – PricewaterhouseCoopers Professorship
Ran Duchan – Marguerite Reimers Fellowship
Natalie Mizik – J. Gary Shansby Professorship in Marketing Strategy
Emily Cox – Neal & Jan Dempsey Fellowship
Yong Tan – Neal & Jan Dempsey Professorship
Mike Johnson – GM Nameplate Faculty Fellowship
Jake Thornock – William R. Gregory Fellowship
David Sirmon – Robert Herbold Professorship in Entrepreneurship