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Foster Faculty receive international recognition for superior research

Chris Barnes, an assistant professor of management, has been named the Western Academy of Management’s 2014 Ascendant Scholar, in honor of his prolific and significant research in the fields of organizational fatigue, behavioral ethics, emotional labor, and team performance and decision making.

Tom Lee, the Hughes M. Blake Endowed Professor of Management, and Terry Mitchell, the Edward E. Carlson Distinguished Professor in Business Administration, have won the 2013 Scholarly Achievement Award of the Academy of Management Human Resources Division in recognition of their paper, “When employees are out of step with coworkers: how job satisfaction trajectories and dispersion influence individual- and unit-level voluntary turnover.”

Rob Palmatier, the John C. Narver Endowed Professor in Business Administration, has won the 2014 Louis W. Stern Award for his 2007 Journal of Marketing Research paper “Customer Loyalty to Whom? Managing the Benefits and Risks of Salesperson-Owned Loyalty.” Among a display case full of honors, this is his second paper to receive the Stern Award from the American Marketing Association Foundation for its lasting contribution to the literature on marketing and channels distribution.

Thomas Jones, the Boeing Company Endowed Professor in Business Management, has been awarded the 2013 Best Article in Business Ethics Quarterly for his paper “Stakeholder Happiness Enhancement: A Neo-Utilitarian Objective for the Modern Corporation.”

Hema Yoganarasimhan, an assistant professor of marketing, has won the 2013 John D.C. Little Best Paper Award for her Marketing Science study, “The Value of Reputation in an Online Freelance Marketplace.” The award, one of the most prestigious in the field of marketing, is issued by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Thomas Gilbert and Christopher Hrdlicka, assistant professors of finance, have received the 2013 Commonfund Prize for their paper, “Why do University Endowments Invest so Much in Risky Assets?” The Prize, administered by the European Finance Association, honors the year’s best research on endowment and foundation management.

Benjamin Hallen, an assistant professor of management, has received the 2014 Best Paper Award from the Technology Innovation Management division of the Academy of Management for the paper “Do Accelerators Accelerate? A Study of Venture Accelerators as a Path to Success.”

Dave Burgstahler, the Julius A. Roller Professor of Accounting, has been selected a 2014 Schoeller Senior Fellow. The fellowship, honoring an internationally renowned scholar whose research contributes to responsible leadership in business and society, will fund Burgstahler’s research in the practice of size management by European firms to diminish the cost of mandatory audits and financial disclosures.