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Foster International Connections

The Foster School of Business alumni network is 50,000+ strong, with graduates in more than 70 countries around the world. Foster alumni can participate in local UW alumni groups and activities where they exist; in addition, some countries have a volunteer Foster alumni representative available to answer questions or serve as a point of contact. Click on the countries/regions listed below to contact a Foster alumni representative. To volunteer to be a Foster alumni representative in your country, email us at

Foster’s alumni LinkedIn group also has region-specific sub-groups. To join a Foster alumni LinkedIn group for your region, first join the University of Washington Foster School of Business Alumni (Official Group), then check for sub-groups of interest.

You can also connect with international UW alumni via the UW Alumni Association website. There you’ll find UW international alumni groups, contact information, and Facebook pages. For inquiries or questions, contact the Foster Alumni Team at

International Contacts

Contacts in Europe

Country Contact Info
Denmark Allison Bilas (MBA 2016)
Germany Manfred Vogel (MBA 1986)
Greece Nikolas Kokkalakis (MBA 1988)
Luxembourg Derek Kuzak (MBA 2006)
Netherlands Jaap Quarles van Ufford (MBA 1975)
Norway George Turk (MBA 1998)
Switzerland Debbie Lervick (MBA 2010)
Switzerland Kurt Lervick (MBA 2010)
United Kingdom Aniket Pathak (MBA 2016)

Contacts in Asia

Country Contact Info
Shanghai Kyle Sullivan (MBA 2014)
New Delhi Akhil Bakshi (MBA 1979)
Bangalore Srinath Narayanan (MBA 2005)
Japan Naoki Momma (MBA 1990)
Korea Sean Yoon (MBA 2005)
Korea Young Min Kim (MBA 2005)
Singapore Elaine Cheo (MBA 1982)
Thailand Suchada Kongpiyacharn (MBA 2005)

Contacts in South America

Country Contact Info
Peru Ann Greeley (MBA 2002)

Contacts in the Middle East

Country Contact Info
 n/a Sadrollah Alborzi (MBA 1972)

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