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Faculty Directory

Thomas William Lee

Professor of Management


PhD University of Oregon (1984)
MA Bowling Green State University (1977)
AB University of California, Berkeley (1975)

Academic Expertise

human resource management
organizational behavior

Current Research

Employee retention and turnover

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 1983
Industrial psychologist for Southern California Edison, 1977-1980

Selected Publications

  1. Surveying the Turnover Forest: A Meta-Analysis, Moderator Investigation, and Future-Oriented Discussion of the Antecedents of Voluntary Employee Turnover
    Journal Article:Rubinstein, A., Eberly, M., Lee, T.W. & Mitchell, T.R., (forthcoming). Personnel Psychology,
  2. Intra-individual variability in work characteristics over time: examining the effect of job complexity on employee job strain
    Journal Article:Li, J.I., Burch, T.C. & Lee, T.W., (forthcoming). Journal of Organizational Behavior,
  3. One Hundred Years of Employee Turnover Theory and Research
    Journal Article:Hom, P.W., Lee, T.W., Shaw, J.D. & Hauskneckt, J.P., (2017). Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 102, pp. 530-545.
  4. Using Organizational Science Research to Address U.S. Federal Agencies’ Management and Labor Needs
    Journal Article:Aguinis, H., Davis, J., Detert, J.R., Glynn, M.A., Jackson, S.E., Kockan, T., Kossek, E.E., Leana, C., Lee, T.W., Morrison, E., Pearce, J., Pfeffer, J., Rouseau, D. & Sutcliffe, K., (2016). Behavioral Science & Policy, Vol. 2(2), pp. 67-76.
  5. The effects of proximal withdrawal states on job attitudes, job search, intention to leave and voluntary employee turnover
    Journal Article:Li, J.I., Lee, T.W., Mitchell, T.R., Hom, P.W & Griffeth, R.G., (2016). Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 101, pp. 1436-1456.
  6. The Need to Consider Time, Level, and Trends: A Turnover Perspective
    Journal Article:Mitchell, T.R., Burch, T.C., & Lee, T.W., (2014). Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 35(2), pp. 296–300.
  7. Using Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research (Chinese edition)
    Book:Lee, T.W., (2014). Sage Publications
  8. Hometown Proximity, Coaching Change, and the Success of College Basketball Recruits
    Journal Article:Barden, J.Q., Bluhm, D.J., Mitchell, T.R., & Lee, T.W., (2013). Journal of Sports Management, Vol. 27, pp. 230-246.
  9. A Demonstration of the Importance of Temporal Considerations in the Prediction of Newcomer Turnover
    Journal Article:Holtom, B.C., Tidd, S.T., Mitchell, T.R., & Lee, T.W., (2013). Human Relations, Vol. 66, pp. 1337-1352.
  10. The Story of Why We Stay: A Review of Job Embeddedness
    Journal Article:Lee, T.W., Burch, T.C., & Mitchell, T.R., (2013). Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Vol. 1, pp. 199-216.
  11. When Employees Are Out of Step with Coworkers: How Job Satisfaction Trajectories and Dispersion Influence Individual- and Unit-Level Voluntary Turnover
    Journal Article:Dong, L., Mitchell, T.R., Lee, T.W., Holtom, B.C., & Hinkin, T.R., (2012). Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 55(6), pp. 1360-1380.
  12. Further Clarification on the Hom, Mitchell, Lee, and Griffeth (2012) Model: Reply to Bergman, Payne, & Boswell (2012) and Maertz (2012)
    Journal Article:Lee, T.W., & Griffeth, R., Mitchell, T.R., & Horn, P.W., (2012). Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 138, pp. 871-875.
  13. When and How is Job Embeddedness Predictive of Turnover? A Meta-Analytic Investigation
    Journal Article:Jiang, K., Liu, D., McKay, P.F., Lee, T.W., & Mitchell, T.R., (2012). Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 97, pp. 1077-1096.
  14. Redefining Employee Turnover: Focusing on Proximal Psychological States and an Expanded Criterion
    Journal Article:Hom, P.W., Mitchell, T.R., Lee, T.W., & Griffeth, R.W., (2012). Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 138, pp. 831-858.
  15. The Effects of Autonomy and Empowerment on Employee Turnover: Test of a multilevel model in teams
    Journal Article:Liu, D., Zhang, S., Wang, L., & Lee, T.W., (2011). Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 98, pp. 1305-1316.
  16. The Buffering Effects of Job Embeddedness on Negative Shocks
    Journal Article:Burton, J.P., Holtom, B.C., Sablynski, C.J., & Mitchell, T.R., & Lee, T.W., (2010). Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol. 76(1), pp. 42-51.
  17. Explaining Employment Relationships with Social Exchange and Job Embeddedness
    Journal Article:Hom, P.W., Tsui, A.S., Wu, J.B., Lee, T.W., Zhang, A.Y., Fu, P.P., & Li, L., (2009). Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 94, pp. 277-297.
  18. Turnover Contagion: How Coworkers’ Job Embeddedness and Coworkers’ Job Search Behaviors Influence Quitting
    Journal Article:Felps, W., Mitchell, T.R., Hekman, D., Lee, T.W., Holtom, B.C., & Harman, W.S., (2009). Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 52, pp. 545-561.

Honors and Awards

Academy of Management Career Achievement Award for Distinguished Service, 2016
Herbert Heneman Jr. Career Achievement Award, Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management, 2015
Scholarly Achievement Award, Human Resources Division, Academy of Management, 2013
Ron Crockett Award for Academic Excellence, 2009
Fellow, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Fellow, Academy of Management
Outstanding Practitioner Oriented Publication in Organizational Behavior Award for article, "Increasing Human and Social Capital by Applying Job Embeddedness Theory". Judged best of all papers for 2006.
Dean's Research Award, 2005
Outstanding Organizational Behavior Publication in 2001 from the Organizational Behavior of the Academy of Management
Ascendant Scholar Award from the Western Academy of Management, 1988
Outstanding Competitive Paper Award from the Organizational Behavior Division, Academy of Management, 1986

Academic Service

Former President, Academy of Management
Former Editor, Academy of Management Journal
Current editorial board member at:
Journal of Applied Psychology
Former editorial board member at:
Academy of Management Journal
Personnel Psychology
Journal of Management
Journal of Management Issues
Human Resource Management Journal
Journal of Vocational Behavior
Organizational Research Methods
Human Resources Management Review