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DRAFT: Professional Sales Program Curriculum

There are eight courses which must be completed prior to receiving a Professional Sales Certificate upon graduation. Equivalent courses may be accepted for transfer students. We will not accept classes that have a pass/fail grade. These courses are outlined in the dropdown sections below.

Foundation Curriculum (3 Courses)

Students are required to complete these three foundation courses prior to enrolling in the sales curriculum courses.

ACCTG 215 or ACCTG 219 Accounting & Finance Reporting (5 credits) or Accounting Essentials (4 credits)
ECON 200 Intro Microeconomics (5 credits)
MKTG 301* Marketing Concepts (4 credits)

*You do NOT need to have taken MKTG 301 to apply. You DO need to have completed it to begin taking the Sales Curriculum courses below.

Deadline to take MKTG 301: Summer Quarter of a student’s Junior Year.

Sales Curriculum (3 Courses)

MKTG 335 Principles of Selling (4 credits)
MKTG 430 Sales Force Management (4 credits)
MKTG 496 Sales Program Practicum (4 credits spring quarter only, exclusively for students that have been accepted into the Professional Sales Program)

Elective Curriculum (2 Courses)

Below is a PARTIAL list of sales-focused courses that are approved to fulfill the elective requirements for the Professional Sales Program Certificate. Other courses may be eligible to fulfill the elective requirements. Contact [email protected] for approval of additional courses not listed.

MGMT 200 Introduction to Law

MGMT 300 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (4)
MGMT 401 Leadership Development (4)
MGMT 402 Negotiations (4)
MGMT 403 Developing High Performing Individuals, Teams and Organizations (4)
MGMT 404 Organization Development and Change (4)
MKTG 411 Business-to-Business Marketing (4)
MKTG 450 Consumer Behavior (4)

MKTG 456 Advertising (4)
MKTG 460 Marketing Research (4)
COM 220 Introduction to Public Speaking (5)
COM 270 Interpersonal Communication (5)
COM 320 Advanced Public Speaking (5)
COM 351 Interviewing Principles and Practices (5)
COM 376 Non-Verbal Communications (5)
COM 471 Persuasion (5)


I’m not a business major but want to take the classes required for the Professional Sales Program. How do I register for them?

The Professional Sales Program will assist non-business students with registering for classes such as MKTG 301, MKTG 335, and MKTG 430. To be eligible for enrollment in MKTG 301, you must have completed 90 credits, taken ECON 200 and ACCTG 215 or ACCTG 219 and have submitted your complete application to the program with your Degree Plan signed by your Academic Advisor. Contact the Professional Sales Program to be added to the Class Waitlist once you are eligible at [email protected].

Please note: You will be automatically enrolled in MKTG 496 Spring Quarter of your graduating (Senior) year if you are accepted to the program.

How can I build the program into my course plan?

Freshman – Sophomore Year

  • Complete ACCTG 215 or ACCTG 219 and ECON 200.
  • Meet with Academic Advisor to begin building Degree Plan that satisfies your Major requirements and meets the Sales Program prerequisites.
  • Complete 2 Elective Requirements.

Junior Year

  • Complete the Sales Program Application for the following (Senior/Graduating) year and schedule and complete your Professional Interview September-February.

For example, if you are a Junior in the year 2019/2020, you will complete the application for 2020/2021 and schedule your interview September 2019 through February 2020.

  • Once you have completed your application, you can email [email protected] to schedule your Professional Interview. Once you have interviewed you will submit to our Class Waitlists if you are not in the Foster School of Business and you need assistance enrolling in required courses.

Senior Year

  • Complete MKTG 301 latest by Fall Quarter of your graduating (Senior) year.
  • Take MKTG 335 latest Fall or Winter Quarter of your graduating (Senior) year.
  • Take MKTG 430 at any time during your graduating (Senior) year.
  • Attend & participate in all panels, class sessions and networking events hosted by the Sales Program and our Partners.
  • Take MKTG 496 in Spring Quarter of your graduating (Senior) year and attend our Annual Partner Appreciation Breakfast upon the completion of your MKTG 496 Internship.

Who should I contact for questions?

Please direct all questions to the Professional Sales Program. Email [email protected] or call 206-616-6134.

When reaching out to Sales Program we expect professional, clear communication. This is often our first point of contact and first impression of a student’s ability to be a professional representation of our program in their potential interaction with our partners. By phone or by email, please state your first and last name as inputted on your application and how we can help. (No nicknames, middle names or secondary names.)