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Global Business Forum

The Global Business Forum (GBF) is an engaging MBA class and discussion forum where professionals from around the world share their insights into the complexities of doing business globally – differences encountered, obstacles overcome, advantages discovered, and solutions developed.

The GBF is intentionally designed to connect students directly with global business leaders. Students are offered opportunities to lead Q&A discussions, summarize presentations for speaker follow-up, and engage in 1:1 meaningful conversations with speakers.

The Global Business Forum takes place Mondays, 12:30-1:20pm for daytime MBAs and 5:00-5:50pm for Eve MBAs. Each quarter offers diverse discussions under a uniting global business theme. Christina Fong is the lead faculty for the Forum.

Autumn 2019: Global Business in Emerging Markets

The GBF will host executives who have worked in emerging markets to share their insights about how business changes (or stays the same) in economies with nascent infrastructure. Executives will be asked to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with building and sustaining organizations in these environments of high risk and volatility, and to share the strategies that they use to mitigate risk and leverage emerging markets.

Winter 2020: Global Entrepreneurship

This quarter will explore the question, what does it mean to be a global entrepreneur? We’ll take many perspectives to answer this question, from examining how entrepreneurs assess global markets to the challenges and opportunities of growing a local start up to global markets, to investigating the characteristics that make certain geographic areas more likely to foster entrepreneurship. Our speaker series will invite entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial process to reflect on what “global entrepreneurship” means in theory and practice.

Spring 2020: Global High Tech

This quarter will investigate technology sectors across the world. We’ll examine the challenges and opportunities that global companies face when they are exploring, developing, and deploying new technologies. We will ask executives to share their thinking about how their thinking about data, security, and e-commerce across borders has changed, and to share how technology has accelerated (or changed) how companies work and grow internationally. We also hope to hear our speaker’s predictions on how global technology will change in the future—are there big game changers just around the corner?

MBAs, graduate students from other UW departments, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate. Enrollment for credit in the Global Business Forum (BA 545, Global Business Issues) during three academic quarters is a requirement for the Global Business Program certificate.

For more information on registration and earning credit for the GBF, check out the course page!