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Visiting Executive Program

“One of my objectives was to have the chance to study the foundation of business theories and methods systematically. I was able to do this through the Executive Development Program, part of the Management Track of VEP.”

— Summer 2011 graduate from Japan

The Visiting Executive Program (VEP) is designed for the international professional who desires an individualized program of study in management education at the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. Since 1985, the Visiting Executive Program has welcomed more than 100 executives from large and small companies around the world into this flexible, easily customized executive education program.

Unique among the international offerings of UW Executive Education, VEP is especially useful to professionals for whom a degree program does not provide enough flexibility to study a particular subject area in depth, or for whom a three- to twelve-month certificate program is preferable to a two-year MBA program.

Upon finishing the program, the participant is awarded a VEP Certificate of Completion from the Foster School of Business.

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Management Track vs. Custom Track

The Visiting Executive Program consists of two tracks, the Management Track and the Custom Track. The VEP tracks are designed to provide two distinct options for individual executives. While both tracks focus on developing the participants’ management skills through research and MBA coursework, each track provides a unique educational package.

The Custom Track offers participants the opportunity to attend MBA elective courses each quarter and perform independent personal and/or professional research. Because of its flexibility, this track can be taken for one to four quarters, and participants may join the program in any quarter. This track can be further customized by adding on English language tutoring, Executive Seminars, or summer business programs offered by Foster Executive Education. View our Academic Calendar to decide when to come.

The Management Track assumes English language fluency and includes enrollment in the nine-month part-time certificate program, Executive Development Program, as well as either an English Language Intensive or enrollment in one Executive Seminar. Due to the schedule of the Executive Development Program, this track may only be taken for 9 or 12 months (depending on whether the summer English Language Intensive program is included) and must follow the program’s scheduled dates.

Common elements of the two programs include:

  • Attend selected MBA elective courses (as available)
  • Independent research project, guided by faculty advisor (if desired)
  • Networking opportunities with local business community, MBA students, and other Schools on the UW campus
  • Receipt of certificate upon completion
  • Optional add-on of English language tutoring, seminars, etc
  • Both tracks can be customized to add or remove features to best fit the participant’s needs

Distinguishing elements of the two programs include:

Management Track vs Custom Track
Executive Development Program (EDP) No enrollment in EDP
Attend 1-2 MBA Courses per quarter Attend in 1-2 MBA Courses per quarter
English language fluency required (550 TOEFL/730 TOIEC or equivalent) English language fluency required (525 TOEFL/660 TOEIC or equivalent)
Registration in one selected Executive Seminar included OR Registration in selected Executive Seminars, for additional fee
Enrollment in GPP(summer only), or other intensive ESL program English language options for additional fee include the ESL program or English tutoring


Both VEP tracks are certificate programs designed to meet the individual needs of executive participants. Program fees are determined by the components desired; please contact Angela Shelley, Assistant Director, at [email protected] for an estimate of your proposed program fees.

Applications for both tracks of the VEP are currently closed. Check back often for updates!

For the June start date, the application deadline is April 1. For January start date, the application deadline is November 1. All applications must be received a minimum of two months in advance of the program start date. Applications will be reviewed promptly, and participants will be notified of application status.

Accepted participants will receive an informative pre-departure orientation packet, as well as a detailed orientation upon their arrival in Seattle. The VEP program manager is available to assist each individual with questions and concerns during preparation and during the course of the program.

For more details, please contact Angela Shelley.