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Interact with the 2014 National Conference

The second National Conference on Business Development in Under-Served Communities was held at the University of Washington Foster School of Business in Seattle on July 16-18, 2014.

Click the titles below to view video archives of the presentations and panel discussions at the 2014 National Conference.

Industry-Specific Approaches to Business Development
Moderator: Sharon Patterson
Panelists: Leonard Greenhalgh, Steven S. Rogers, Joset Wright-Lacy

Small Business Viability in Urban Minority Communities
Presenter: Dr. Timothy Bates

Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Dr. Qingfang Wang

Cohort Learning Models
Moderator: Lara Damon
Panelists: Cynthia Franklin, Tanya Pope, Dr. Charles A. West

Integrating Workforce Development and Economic Development
Moderator: M. Therese Flaherty
Panelists: Leonard Greenhalgh, Don Huesman, Michael Verchot

The Experience of Systemic Restricted Consumer Choice among Minority Entrepreneur Consumers
Presenter: Jerome Williams

Effectiveness of CDFIs
Presenter: Greg Fairchild

Access to Capital
Moderator: Sue Oliver
Panelists: Tim Crosby, Chuck Depew, Tim Howell

The Role of Technology and STEM in Business Development in Under-Served Communities
Moderator: Jane Cote
Panelists: Tiffany Bussey, Ken Krull, Burr Warne