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Business Growth Collaborative

"A turbo boost towards fast growth and intellectual organization of critical matter of business and life." quote by Nishit Mehta, CEO of HyGen Pharmaceuticals "I'm ready to hit the ground running with a growth-oriented strategy I'm confident in" quote by Jill Shrensky, President & CEO of Denny Mountain Media




The Business Growth Collaborative will accelerate the growth of company through management education leading to the development of strategic growth plans and the development of CEO-to-CEO networks that will open new business opportunities. The Business Growth Collaborative is a cohort-based program designed to leverage resources and networks from the UW Foster School of Business to grow small to medium-sized companies in specific industry sectors.



Program Objectives

The program is taught by Michael G. Foster School of Business faculty as well as business professionals and entrepreneurs. Some of the topics will include:

  • Strategic Planning and Decision-Making
  • Financial Management and Forecasting
  • Raising Capital for Growth
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Sustaining Growth

Benefits of the Program

Hear from business owners that have taken this class.

  • Development of three year strategic growth plans assisted by business experts and fellow company owners
  • Access to consulting teams of business students to work on strategic projects for your company
  • Networking opportunities with business experts, lenders and other entrepreneurs
  • Creation of a CEO-to-CEO community to provide owners a “mini-board of directors” to help make critical decisions

Ideal Candidates

This program is ideal for founders, CEOs or executives of established companies. We particularly encourage minority or women-owned businesses operating in underserved communities. Companies must have been in operation for a minimum of one year AND have revenues of at least $250,000 per year. Generally, companies with revenues above $500,000 are best suited to take advantages of the resources provided in this program.

For this year’s cohort, we are seeking participants from companies providing products and services in the following industries

Energy/Clean Tech/ Construction: Firms in this cohort include product manufacturers, construction, environmental mitigation, consulting and other services related to creating and implementing energy and clean technology projects in our economy.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Participants in this cohort include companies that provide products and services within the value chain of the food and beverage manufacturing. Types of firms include food product manufacturers, beer, wine and liquor producers, baking companies, restaurant and catering, food shipping and other firms associated with the food and beverage industry.

Global Exports: Participants in this cohort will have a product or service with an current (or potential) international market. These companies will participate in sessions to support growth through international expansion opportunities.

Program Details

Commitment: Business Growth Collaborative participants meet two times per month (Fridays 8am-12pm) for management sessions and networking.

Sessions begin in late February and end in mid July and are held at the UW Foster School of Business in Seattle.

Tuition for this program is $1,000.
A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available on a first come first serve basis.

“I think it was the knowledge that you get not only from the class, but from your peers. At the end of the day we all face the same business problems.”

-Pedro Castro, owner of Magellan Architects

“I would tell a business owner that taking this class would be your best investment.”

-Brian Myers, Uli’s Famous Sausage

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence in how to grow, why to grow, and how to preserve myself in the growth process”

–Donna Moody, owner of Marjorie’s Restaurant









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