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Host an Information Session

Information Sessions (“Info Sessions”) are informal events that provide an opportunity for you to share information about your organization while networking with UW students and, to some extent, recent alumni. This includes our undergraduate and/or students in Specialized Master’s programs including Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Information Systems, Master of Supply Chain Management, and Master of Science in Taxation.

This strategy personalizes your recruiting process by putting a face to your organization, increasing interest, and refining your applicant base. An Info Session also helps you to maximize your interview time, allowing for general questions and information to be discussed during your session.

Should my organization hold an Information Session?

Info Sessions are not necessarily the best recruiting option for everyone. We have found that Info Sessions are typically most successful (high student turnout) in the following circumstances:

  • Employers with a recognizable brand
  • Employers within specific fields such as Consulting or Accounting

What if my company doesn’t fall into these categories?

If these categories do not describe your organization, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful Info Session at Foster. However, it will require additional work from your recruiting team to generate student interest in the positions. Visibility and promotion is key!

Still not sure if an Info Session is right for you?

Our Employer Services Manager is always happy to discuss strategies for increasing visibility on campus. Contact Employer Services at [email protected] to learn more about your options to engage at Foster.

Reserve Interview Date(s)

Info Sessions are typically held:

  • During Autumn & Winter quarters*
  • 1-2 weeks prior to resume deadlines or are used as pre-interview events to prepare selected candidates.
  • In a Dempsey or PACCAR Hall classroom with full AV capabilities that accommodates roughly 75 people
  • Info session date(s) – 1st & 2nd option is a good start
  • Time 12:30-1:20pm OR 5:30-7pm
  • Target audience (undergraduate, specific options, and/or Specialized Master’s)

Submit your InfoSession Request in Handshake

Tips for a Successful Info Session

Timing Is Everything

The best time to host an Info Session is during the quarter in which you plan to recruit, often, 1-2 weeks before your resume deadline (1-2 days prior to interviews if you prefer to use the event as a pre-interview preparation).

Of course, you do not have to be interviewing to host an Info Session – most students appreciate networking and learning about your organization while you build your brand and visibility on campus.

Know Your Audience

Foster Career Services can assist you with recruiting both undergraduate and/or students in Specialized Master’s programs including Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Science in Information Systems, and Master of Supply Chain Management (begins June 2016). Be sure to let our Employer Services Manager know which populations you are looking to recruit.

Customize Your Event Description

You will be prompted by your Employer Services Manager to submit a unique event description. This is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s culture. Images and flyers are also highly encouraged.

Food and Refreshments

Food/refreshments are encouraged and can be ordered and delivered from many local eateries. Refer to your InfoSession confirmation note for a list of recommendations. If you plan to provide food/refreshments, please see our Facility Use Guide

Track Your RSVPs

Upon scheduling an Info Session, you will have access to RSVP information. This is helpful in communicating to students prior to your event and allows you to properly prepare food/refreshment orders. Consider resume books to proactively reach out to students to invite them to your event.


Foster Career Services helps to promote your Info Session! We will work with you to publicize your Info Session online through our interactive calendar, Handshake, and as part of a weekly e-newsletter communication to Foster students. We will also provide you with additional marketing ideas and tips to make your Info Session a success.

Prepare Your Team

Ensure that all members of your team are forwarded a copy of your Info Session confirmation note, including date, time, directions, and transportation information to your designated classroom (most often Dempsey Hall 102).

Parking & Traffic

On-campus parking can be unpredictable, particularly if you are arriving to campus after 8:30am. We highly encourage employers to carpool and/or arrange alternative transportation to campus such as public transit, Uber/Lyft, or taxi services.

Visiting from out of town? Traffic and weather conditions can often add substantial minutes to a normal commute time. Please plan accordingly and allow extra time to get to campus from downtown and/or Seattle Tacoma airport.

Facility Use Guide

If you plan to provide food, it is the responsibility of the employer to adhere to the guidelines below.

Failure to do so may result in the inability to host future events at Foster.

  • Please remind students to keep the space clean and mind their own areas.
  • Wipe down any tables that have crumbs, sauce, or other leftovers on tables and other surfaces.
  • No food should be thrown away inside of the classroom. Please arrange additional receptacles with our Employer Services Manager prior to your event.
  • Absolutely NO FOOD or leftover boxes, bags, or beverages is to be left in the classroom/space
  • Please deposit of pizza boxes and other recycling/compost materials outside of the east exit of Dempsey Hall in the appropriate dumpster.
  • Any leftover food can be taken with you or left with our team in DEM 212 during normal business hours of 8am-5pm.

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