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COVID-19 Resources

Dear Employer Partners,

The University of Washington recently announced that all classroom instruction will be conducted online through the Summer quarter (all terms). We have been operating remotely since March 30th. As country-wide social distancing requirements continue to increase and evolve daily, we believe this is the best course of action for reducing uncertainty and anxiety and establishing a reliable, high-quality method of instruction and academic progress for UW students.

Please know that we are here to support employers and we look forward to working together to connect you with Foster talent. Additionally, our staff is available remotely to discuss recruiting strategies and support your current and future needs. In order to support this partnership, we have two requests:

  1. If there are any updates to your recruitment plans that will impact students (i.e. changes to offers, start dates, internship programs, etc.) we would appreciate hearing from you so we can support students through these changes. Please email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will follow up as soon as possible.
  2. If you have current openings at your company that you are still planning to fill with Undergrads or Specialized Master’s, we strongly recommend posting to Handshake. Once posted (Handshake or otherwise), please consider sending the link to [email protected] and we will distribute to our team of career coaches and targeted student communication channels.

As an additional response to social distancing efforts, campus operations will be limited to essential services only. While this means on-campus recruiting activity is no longer available, Foster Career Services is here and ready to support your recruiting efforts virtually. Below our signature, we have provided an FAQ to help answer questions you may have during this period of adjustment.

We thank you for your incredible patience and flexibility as we all navigate these strange times.

Foster Career Services


Where can I find out more information and follow updates on UW operations?

As this situation remains fluid, the best source of up-to-date information for the University of Washington is always uw.edu/coronavirus. In addition, our central Career & Internship Center has created a broader UW-wide Employer FAQ site. However, please continue to read on for more Foster-specific information.

How and when can I contact Foster Career Services?

While our office may be closed, our team of career coaches and employer relations will be working regular business hours remotely (Mon – Thurs 8am – 5pm; Fridays 8am – 4:30pm). The best way to get in touch is by emailing [email protected]. You are also welcome to call and leave a message at 206-221-5054, however please note, voicemail responses may be delayed.

What are other companies doing?

Employers are handling this upheaval in a range of ways. While most are telling us they are moving forward with their current recruiting plans (interviewing, new hires, internship programs), just virtually, we have also heard of a few companies who will, unfortunately, need to cancel programs or implement hiring freezes. However, we were pleasantly surprised to hear of some innovative win-win adjustments! For example, one global consulting firm is pivoting their 10 week internship to a 6 week internship and a local accounting firm told us they are streamlining their two internship programs into one, which would take place later in the summer. They are hopeful they can bring everyone physically to their offices by then, but are preparing a virtual back-up plan if not. Whatever path your company takes we are here to help you navigate this transition and support any affected students.

Are there any stats you can share?

Here is what we know from our partners at NACE (as of July 1, 2020; n=246):

  • 7.8% of employers have revoked or will revoke full-time offers to graduates from the Class of 2020. This percentage climbed overall, although it was down from 9.0% in mid-June. On May 1, only 4.4% of employers were revoking offers to full-time recruits. As a benchmark, this number reached about 9.5% at its peak during the Great Recession of 2008-09.
  • 31% of responding employers are delaying start dates for full-time hires from the Class of 2020. This percentage remained fairly stable throughout the month of June. Among the employers delaying start dates, most (73%) report the length of the delay is one to three months.
  • 58% of employers plan to start full-time hires working remotely.
  • 57% of respondents still need to determine the duration of the remote start for their new college hires, while 25% are planning for the remote start to last one to three months.

We are considering moving our internships to a virtual space. Do you have any resources to help us with this process?

The central UW Career & Internship Center has created a one-pager on “Developing Remote Internships” here, and posted a webinar recording on “How to Be an Awesome Intern Manager” here.

Handshake has an Employer Resource page for going digital here and a helpful Holistic Guide to Recruiting From Home PDF.

Check out this Forbes.com article from Garrett Lord, Co-founder and CEO of Handshake for a good read on how to adjust your recruiting strategy in the coming months: Your Revised Early Talent Hiring Playbook For 2020 And Beyond.

Do you have suggestions on how to continue to engage with Foster students in our new virtual world?

Virtual Interviews, Office Hours, Events (info sessions, Q&A, company tours, etc). See below for more information on each and check out these Tips for Hosting Virtual Events from Handshake.

  • Virtual Interviews, option 1: Candidates are selected from and scheduled via the Handshake platform. If you would like to utilize the Handshake platform to set up your virtual interview schedule, request a Preselect interview schedule and Alisha ([email protected]) will reach out to finalize all details. For a smooth transition into a virtual format, we recommend sending log-in or phone call instructions to your selected candidates. Once your interviews are complete, we ask that you send through the status of your appointments (who you “met” with, which needed to be rescheduled, and if there were any no shows).
  • Virtual Interviews, option 2: Employers coordinate all interview selections and scheduling. If you are hosting – and coordinating – your own virtual interviews, please consider sharing your interview details with us (date of interview, position(s) applied for, name/email of who you interviewed). We can create a “room only” interview schedule for you in Handshake and “check in” these students for future reference. This data would be valuable for our career center to track interview activity for our own records.
  • Office Hours: If you would like to utilize the Handshake platform to advertise and schedule 1:1 office hours with students, you can do so! “Request an Interview” from your home page and select “Open” as the format. Please email [email protected] for next steps, as this process has a specific set of instructions.
  • Virtual Event Ideas: There are multiple types of virtual events that companies can host in order to engage with students. Handshake offers the ability to post ‘virtual events’, which is the best method for ensuring students are aware of your event. The following are a few suggestions:
    1. Host a virtual info session to discuss opportunities and provide time for Q&A
    2. Host virtual coffee chats (not 1:1)
    3. Host a virtual company tour
    4. Host a webinar to support student development of soft or technical skills

How do I request a virtual event?

Log into your Handshake account and select “Request an Event” at the top of your home page. Be sure to select “Virtual: My company is hosting this event virtually”, as pictured below. Best practice (as always) is to include in the description who this event is targeted to (ex: all Foster students, marketing majors, juniors, etc), especially since students are not able to filter virtual events by specific career center in this format.

request event

Which platforms do you suggest we use to connect with students for virtual interviews and events?

You are welcome to use your company’s preferred system, however if you are looking for outside resources, please note all UW students have access to Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts with their UW email address.

How do I get even more details if I have other Handshake questions?

Foster Career Services has created an in-depth guide for you! Handshake also has a robust Employer Help Center at your disposal.