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Baseline Officer Longitudinal Study (BOLDS)

1994-1998Initial data collected
Oct 18-21, 201820th anniversary class reunion
The 98 Fund$10 contributed for every completed survey. This donation will be doubled when participation reaches 200 completed surveys.
1,143Initial BOLDS participants
122Active Participants enrolled in BOLDS 20-year follow-up
61%progress made toward goal of 200 participants

Welcome to the Baseline Officer Longitudinal Study (BOLDS) intranet.  Here you will find exclusive content and the latest news about BOLDS.   This is a space specifically reserved for BOLDS participants to stay informed and engaged in the project.

If you have already participated in BOLDS—thank you. The results from this 20-year project that has been focused on your graduating class has the potential to inform and shape the way future leaders are developed at West Point, as well as their roles after graduation. The study has now concluded and we will soon be sharing what we have learned. We will reach out to you when the study results are available.

Be a BOLDS Champion:

Our goal is to reach 200 BOLDS participants with completed surveys by the end of March and we need your help! Having members of the class who are willing to champion this project by sharing their experience and spreading the word to other classmates, inviting them to participate, is instrumental to optimizing what we can learn from this research and to the success of BOLDS.

How to be a BOLDS Champion:

  1. Share a link to the BOLDS website (www.foster.uw.edu/BOLDS) with your ’98 network via Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media.
  2. Send an email like the one below to classmates to encourage participation
    Sample message:

    I want to take a few minutes to share an opportunity our class has to support an important and unique project, called the Baseline Officer Longitudinal Study (BOLDS). This 20-year study was launched in 1994 when we were entering the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, with the goal of examining the development of leaders over our four years at West Point. Now, almost 20 years later, the next phase of BOLDS is underway, examining how early experiences at West Point influence long-term leadership and career development. By participating in this study, our class has the potential to significantly influence the development of future leaders. Participation involves completing an online survey, which only takes about 30-40 minutes. After completing the survey and when the results are compiled, you will receive a personalized leadership report. The BOLDS team will also donate $10 to The 98 Fund for every class member who participates and will double this donation if we reach 200 participants with completed surveys. For more information and to sign up, email [email protected].

  3. Check back here regularly for updates on BOLDS progress

Want to be a BOLDS champion? Let us know!