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Yu Tse Heng


Office: Mackenzie Hall 359
Curriculum vitae

Yu Tse Heng

Ph.D. Student

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management


I am a doctoral student in the Management and Organizations department with a focus on Organizational Behavior. Prior to joining the doctoral program at the Foster School of Business, I worked as the lab manager of the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Lab at the National University of Singapore.


B.Soc.Sc, National University of Singapore (2015)

Research Interests

My research falls under two main domains: (1) tackling societal concerns and (2) positive organizational scholarship (POS). In the first domain, I examine the relationship between important societal concerns in today’s world and the organization. For instance, I am interested in the effects of marijuana on work outcomes, the sleeplessness epidemic, workplace sexual harassment, and workplace diversity. In the second domain, I explore the role of self-compassion, compassion, and forgiveness in organizational contexts.


Heng, Y. T., Wagner, D., Barnes, C. M., & Guarana, C. (2018). Archival research: Expanding the methodological toolkit in social psychology. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 78, 14-22.

Working Papers

- The role of workplace ethical regard on forgiveness and prosocial responses to abusive supervision w/ N. W. Chi, C. Farh, & A-C. Wang (in prep)
- A multilevel model of trust in diverse organizations w/ A. Fulmer & K. T. Dirks (in prep)
- The impact of compassion and self-compassion of focal actor suffering w/ K. Schabram (data analysis)
- Unethical behavioral intentions w/ E. Umphress & Y. W. Rhee (data analysis)
- The effects of self-compassion after a failed helping experience on future helping behaviors w/ R. Fehr (data collection)
- Self-compassion expressions w/ R. Fehr (data collection)
- The effects of leader sleep improvement on follower outcomes w/ C. Barnes (data collection)
- The effects of marijuana on work outcomes w/ C. Barnes & K. C. Yam (data collection)
- Global innovation teams w/ C. Farh, B. Avolio, & G. Antoine (data collection)
- Workplace sexual harassment and the role of self-compassion (theory development)