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Wei Xia


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-971-9756
Curriculum vitae

Wei Xia

Ph.D. Student

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management

Research Interests

Inter-organizational relationships; Entrepreneurial family backgrounds; AI-driven industries; Decision-making; International Business.


Dissertation Abstract
“When Do Collaborative First Moves Diminish Nationality-based Homophilic Preferences? An Examination of Chinese Venture Capital Investment Syndicates” Administrative Science Quarterly 2023, 68(2):355–394 (Dissertation Paper 1).
“Domestic versus Foreign Listing: Does a CEO’s Educational Experience Matter?” Journal of Business Venturing 2020, 35(1):105906.

Working Papers

“How the Quality of Competing Candidates Influences Homophily: Examining
Why Chinese New Ventures Choose Chinese Venture Capital Investors Over More
Qualified U.S. Investors” (Job market paper; Dissertation Chapter 2; In
preparation for submission)
“The Influence of Status and Digital Transformation on Broker and Alter
Motivations to Close a Triad” (Accepted for presentation at the 2024 AoM,
OMT Division; Under review)
“Who Can Help When Information is Needed: A Comparison between Cross-border
and Domestic Venture Capital Firms” (Won CEIBS Cathay Cross-border Private
Equity Research Grant)
“IPO Fundraising Inequality Experienced by Non-college-educated
Entrepreneurs” (Under review)