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Trevor Watkins

Ph.D. Candidate

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management


As a scholar, I have developed a research program that explores ostensibly ordinary phenomena that managers typically dismiss and label as being unimportant for workplace outcomes. My study of these phenomena can be categorized into three areas. First, I am interested in how everyday wellness activities (e.g., exercise, mindfulness practices, eating) impact employees. Second, I am studying the implications of common coworker conversations. Third, I am investigating the behavioral ramifications of lay beliefs. In studying these phenomena, I have utilized various research methodologies including laboratory experiments, field experiments, field surveying, and experience sampling.


*Leavitt, K., *Barnes, C. M., *Watkins, T., & *Wagner, D. T. (in press). From the bedroom to the office: Workplace spillover effects of sexual activity at home. Journal of Management. *denotes equal contribution
· Notable media mentions: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time
Magazine, ABC News, BBC, CBS News, FOX News, The Telegraph, WebMD, USA Today, Huffington Post, US News, Yahoo, MSN, Business Insider, New York Magazine
Watkins, T., Fehr, R., & He, W. (in press). Whatever it takes: Leaders’ perceptions of abusive supervision instrumentality. Leadership Quarterly.
Watkins, T., Fehr, R., & He, W. (2017). Whatever it takes: Leader beliefs of abusive supervision instrumentality. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2017.

Working Papers

Eliseo, M., Reynolds, S., Watkins, T, & Mariam, M. Mindfulness and moral behavior in the organization: Exploring the roots of our commonly-held stereotypes. Revise and resubmit request at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
Leavitt, K., Barnes, C. M., & Watkins, T. A self categorization model of workplace romance. Revise and resubmit request at Academy of Management Review.
Watkins, T., & Umphress, E. E. Strong body, clear mind: Physical activity diminishes the consequences of low interpersonal justice. Under review at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
*Patel, A. S., *Watkins, T., Calderwood, C., Gabriel, A. S., Rosen, C. C., & Johnson, R. E. Let’s get physical: A self-regulatory model of employee physical exercise and workplace behavior. *denotes equal contribution Target journal: Academy of Management Review.
Watkins, T. You are what you eat: Employee food choices influence coworker perceptions and behaviors. Target journal: Journal of Applied Psychology.
Kouchaki, M., Barnes, C. M., Watkins, T., Crain, T., & Best, J, Implicit beliefs of sleep instrumentality. Target journal: Journal of Applied Psychology.
Sezer, O., DeCelles, K. A., Watkins, T., Rogers, B., Hershfield, H. E., Norton, M. I., Gino, F. Managing work home transitions: Post-work rituals facilitate psychological detachment. Target journal: Psychological Science.
Watkins, T., Johnson, H., Guarana, C., Avolio., B. J. The cascading effects of organizational wellness climate promotion within an Indian hospital system. Target journal: Administrative Science Quarterly.

Teaching Experience

MGMT 300: Leadership and Organizational Behavior FGBUS: Global Foundations of Business