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Sungho Park


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 206-543-3741
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Curriculum vitae

Sungho Park

Ph.D. Student

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management

Research Interests

My current research interests revolve around 1) understanding the longitudinal trends (disruption) of social hierarchies among key entrepreneurial resource providers, 2) scrutinizing entrepreneurial search mechanisms from the perspective of both the entrepreneur and the key resource providers to better understand matching or competing processes, and 3) studying the nature of competitive actions that arise through different performance feedback measures in the context of technology firms.

Working Papers

Hallen, Park, & Kotha. What Drives Venture Valuations? A Variance-Decomposition Analysis (Under Review)
Aspirational Motivation and Competitive Conformity: Competitive Dynamics and the Behavioral Theory of the Firm (With Boeker, Sirmon, & Kim) (Revising draft)
Disruption of the Elites: Dynamics in Status-Critical Industries (With Hallen & McDonald) (Data analysis)