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Charles Connaughton

Ph.D. Student

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management


BS, University of California, Berkeley (2002)

Research Interests

I am interested in how firms can better develop and use new innovations. In particular, I study how the interplay between firm and industry structure influences both the research productivity of individual firms and the evolution of technology. My research utilizes machine learning to explore rich qualitative data in a quantitative way, and employs its techniques to improve model selection and strengthen conclusions drawn from the data.

Working Papers

C. Connaughton, H.K. Steensma. What Gets Developed and What Gets Forgotten? The Impact of Organizational Myopia on Technology Development
C. Connaughton, H.K. Steensma. Renaissance Men or One Hit Wonders? - Tracking Cognitive Breakthroughs of Serial Inventors
M. Chari, H.K. Steensma, R. Heidl, C. Connaughton. The Influence of Patent Assertion Entities on the Locus of Knowledge Creation and Patenting Activity
M. Chari, H.K. Steensma, C. Connaughton. Serving Multiple Principals With Competing Interests: How the Confluence of Incentives and Principal-Agent Revolving Doors Shapes Agent Behavior


University of Washington Star Teacher, 2017
Foster School Alumni PhD Fellow, 2013-2017