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Anusuya Banerjee

Ph.D. Student

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management

Research Interests

Through my research, I study affective barriers to, and facilitators of, growth and high performance; the psychology of advantaged and disadvantaged group members; and the psychobiology of behavior.
Within the context of equity & inclusion, I explore how the motivation to experience or avoid certain emotions and affective states influences response to inequities and discrimination. My dissertation investigates when and why egalitarian individuals respond poorly to DEI voice, and how organizations can help improve this response. Within the context of psychobiology, I study how changes in internal biological states impact affect, perceptions and behavior. For example, I am currently leading a study investigating how internal changes throughout the menstrual cycle influence experiences of, and at, work. These interests are inspired by my previous career working globally at organizations such as the UN and JPAL, and in partnership with a range of public and private stakeholders. From the US to South Asia and East Africa, I was struck by how often the ability (or inability) to effectively use and manage emotions seemed to predict success. And, I became increasingly interested in how we could better achieve social impact goals by tackling micro-level barriers to effective implementation and management. This led me to pursue a PhD in Organizational Behavior.
Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree, I received my Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University, Masters in Comparative Social Policy from University of Oxford, and Bachelors in Psychology & Gender Studies from the University of Washington.

Faculty Collaborators

Andrew Hafenbrack, Michael Johnson