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Application Checklist

1. Submit the Online application to the Graduate School, University of Washington, including application fee

Note: The University of Washington provides separate application for domestic and international applicants: You must select an international application if
(1) you are not a citizen, permanent resident, or immigrant of the U.S.; (2) you will need a visa of any type to enter the U.S.

Deadline for completed and submitted applications: January 1
Deadline for completed and submitted applications to the Department of Accounting for early consideration: December 1

Since most of the Foster School of Business requirements have to be submitted online with the application to the Graduate School please see the accompanying basic information and instructions from the Graduate School.

International applicants should pay particular attention to the general English language proficiency and additional spoken language proficiency requirements. The Foster School of Business requires TOEFL iBT with its respective speaking section scores for applicants who are not native English speakers because teaching assistantships are an integral part of the School’s financial package. A speaking score is required before students can be assigned teaching duties.

Please provide us scores from the speaking section of TOEFL iBT. Note that the University does not accept scores on these tests that are more than two years old. You have an option to take our own Versant Spoken English test at the UW Testing Center, in lieu of the above tests, but they are available on campus only. We require a minimum speaking score of 26 (TOEFL iBT), or 65 (UW Versant test).

2. Mail the following to Michael G. Foster School of Business:

  • Resume or Vitae (if not submitted online)
  • Statement of Purpose (if not submitted online)
  • Unopened official transcripts and degree statements (only if offered admission)
  • Recommendations (if notified by applicant to send by postal mail*)
  • GMAT or GRE scores. Request that GMAC or ETS send the scores
    (UW GMAT code 459-75-53 and UW GRE code 4854)
  • OEFL iBT scores OR IELTS scores for applicants whose native language is not English.
    • TOEFL: The UW’s four-digit code is 4854
    • IELTS; School information for electronic submission:
      University of Washington, All Campuses
      Undergraduate & Graduate Admission
      Box 355850
      Seattle, WA 98195