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Mid Career

Mid-career professionals build upon their previous industry experience to open doors to new opportunities. View the profiles of our students who joined the MSIS program with four to eight years of work experience below.

Yen Phung

Product Manager III, Expedia

Yen Phung smiling and looking into the camera“Since joining the program, I have been able to more effectively deep dive into technical solutions for my programs/products and speak the same language with my stakeholders. The program has also improved my ability to collect and gain meaningful insights from data, a skillset that has helped me better communicate business values and influence/manage my stakeholders. The program’s focus on providing relevant courses that have real-world applications in the technology industry has allowed me to hone my technical skills and work on more high-visibility, technology-driven projects at work. I believe the technical foundation that I have been able to develop through MSIS will have a long-lasting impact on my career.”

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Laura Bettinger

Manager – Delivery Excellence,
McKinsey & Company

Laura Bettinger smiling and looking into the camera“The MSIS program has helped me build out my technical, strategic, and presentation skills to make me a more well-rounded tech leader. One of the things that drew me to this program was the focus on a broad range of technical concepts like cloud architecture, IT security, big data processing, and machine learning. This technical depth has given me a greater perspective on strategic priorities in my role. Another highlight of the program was my team. All MSIS students are broken into teams of 5-6 students and those teams work together through the duration of the program. My team is smart, creative, and has a diverse range of perspectives and skills. I’ve learned so much from my teammates over the last year personally and professionally, and hope we stay lifelong friends after our impending graduation.”

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Keerthi Gangula

Product Manager, Zonar Systems

Keerthi Gangula smiling and looking into the camera“MSIS has allowed me to learn some of the cutting-edge skills such as data analytics and data mining using R & Python, data warehousing, AWS cloud, marketing analytics, and cybersecurity which helped me to stand out compared to others. These are also some of the skills that I can carry for the rest of my career as they helped me acquire the technical expertise required for a data-driven product manager.

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Freda Li

Senior Product Manager,

Freda Li smiling and looking into the cameraMentorship is one of my favorite aspects of the MSIS program. I was very lucky to meet my mentor and she is undoubtedly the person I want to be in the future. I learned from her what an executive cares about during an interview and what qualities they want to see in a candidate. MSIS also has the best career coaches. From the first quarter, they began to guide us on how to tailor the Linkedin profile, how to make the resume stand out, and even helped me polish my interviewing skills.”

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Nam Saxena

Product Manager,
Tableau Software

Nam Saxena smiling and looking into the cameraThe MSIS degree has been crafted well to cater to a broad set of career possibilities and it is a course which is compatible for working professionals. This empowers us in two ways; it attracts a diverse set of students who are working professionals which adds to the knowledge bucket of the class, and second, as students we bring in a huge set of tools and technologies to be a well-rounded professional, paving the way to be a technology leader.”

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