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Early Career

Recent college graduates can leverage their educational and practical skills to launch into a lifelong career in technology leadership. View the profiles of our students who joined the MSIS program with less than four years of work experience below.

Maria-Jose Ramos

Software Product Manager, Sonos

Maria-Jose Ramos smiling and looking into the camera
Being an MSIS graduate shows my leadership that I have practiced the skills that are important to my role as a Software Product Manager and I believe having that extra experience puts me at an advantage. The concepts we’ve learned in the classroom have helped me understand many of my engineering, marketing and finance counterparts areas of expertise to have more productive conversations. This helps us resolve problems and deliver products faster!”

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Chelsea Alexander-Taylor

Product Manager II, Redfin

Chelsea Alexander-Taylor smiling and looking into the camera“My MSIS mentor offered herself as a sounding board, helping me navigate professional challenges based on her extensive career. She also provided invaluable interview tips that allowed me to successfully navigate my job search. I recently started a new position as the product manager for a data platform product and I cannot describe how valuable my classes from the MSIS program have been in my first two weeks. Specifically, having a preliminary understanding of data warehousing and SQL has been critical in my role and allowed me to expedite the onboarding process.”

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