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Mid Career

Mid-career professionals build upon their previous industry experience to open doors to new opportunities. View the profiles of our alumni who joined the MSIS program with four to eight years of work experience below.

Patrick Gutiérrez

Senior Program Manager, Amazon
MSIS Class of 2019

Patrick Guttierez smiling and looking into the camera“To truly raise my performance to the next level in Seattle, I wanted more than a generalist program like an MBA. I found the MSIS program offers a targeted blend of business strategy and leadership with hands-on technology and data science to really raise the bar in a cloud-centric city. MSIS provided me the exposure and familiarity with tools like python to feel confident in the workplace rolling up my sleeves and digging deep into the data to make better-informed decisions with my team and invent on behalf of our customers. In the long term, MSIS fueled my passion for a career in tech to build new products and technologies to face evolving challenges.”

Ashley Park

Product Intelligence Manager, Microsoft
MSIS Class of 2017

Ashley Park smiling and looking into the camera“MSIS was the most valuable investment that I have made in advancing my career. Since graduating, I’ve embarked on a new career track that has me building on the valuable skills I learned in my MSIS coursework. I’ve gained confidence in my own business and technical abilities which has carried me into roles in start-up, consulting, and technology companies.”

Pranav Farswani

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
MSIS Class of 2018

Pranav Farswani smiling and looking into the cameraThe MSIS program helped me accelerate my learning by giving me exposure to diverse and cutting-edge areas that drive the world of business and technology. This empowered me to explore the opportunities that lie in the technology industry and find my calling as a Product Manager. The courses around data mining and analytics helped me learn the fundamentals that I use in my job as a Product Manager for an insights and analytics platform. Cloud Computing was another critical area that helps me understand and design the systems that drive the product we build.”

Chetna Yadav

Senior Product Manager, Tableau Software
MSIS Class of 2018

Chetna Yadav smiling and looking into the camera“One of the great things about the MSIS program is that the curriculum is tailored to the needs of both technology and business. The decision to join the program helped me get my dream role at Tableau and has definitely increased my career velocity.