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Data driven and collaborative. A rigorous selection of relevant and rigorous courses in just a year.

The 48-credit course load you will take during the MPAcc Program is crafted to provide a data driven and collaborative set of courses that are aimed at developing the analytic and communication skills that modern audit and assurance professionals require to succeed in today’s data-driven workplace. You will build a strong analytical foundation that facilitates data-driven decision making in business environments, with a focus on how these tools fit into the audit and assurance context. To complete your education we offer a variety of data analytics, communication workshops in professional speaking, presentations, interaction with seasoned audit and assurance professionals and collaborative projects so that when you graduate from the MPAcc you are ready to excel in your new career.


Fall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring Quarter
ACCT 520 Accounting, Audit, and Assurance Regulation: Examines current regulatory issues in accounting, auditing and assurance, including internal control from an external audit perspective, such as the role of corporate governance and audit committees, corporate risk management, SOX 404, internal auditing and forensic auditing.
ACCT 521 Cases in Audit and Assurance: Analysis of cases and discussions of current issues dealing with assurance services. Cases explore regulatory and data analysis specific to the audit and assurance environment.
ACCT 522 Data Analytics for Professional Accountants: Introduction to data analytic tools used by professional accountants. Includes the use of visualization software and coding languages to solve descriptive, predictive, optimization and machine learning problems.
ACCT 523 Advanced Financial Analysis: Analysis of financial statements to assess the financial position and prospects of companies. Examines critical financial reporting issues to assess misstatment risks. Includes a focus on judgements and estimates using data-driven analyses for firms at the IPO,growth, mature, decline and Chapter 11 stages of the firm life-cycle.
ACCT 575 Internship: Professional Internship
ACCT 576 Independent Research Project Proposal: Essay reflecting on issues from internship experience. Note that grades will be assigned following the completion of the internship during Spring Quarter.
ACCT 526 Emerging Issues in Accounting, Audit, and Assurance: Examines emerging issues in the practice of accounting, auditing and assurance services. Cases and guest speakers help students apply accounting and auditing guidance to topics that include taxation, the increasing importance of e-commerce, technology, economic globalization, cybersecurity, and investor reporting concerns.
ACCT 527 Communications in Professional Accounting: Analysis of communications practices of professional accountants and development of effective written and oral presentation skills. Major focus on interpersonal competencies in business and includes a capstone team project that involves developing an Audit Plan for a large public company in the Seattle area and discussing the Audit Plan with a simulated audit committee.
ACCT 528 Data Driven Research in Accounting: Advanced application of analytical solutions to business problems faced by professional accountants. Use of data analytic tools to solve problems that include the use of accounting and other data. Includes the statistical measurement of risk, data-driven forecasting, textual and distributional analysis.
ACCT 529 Business Ethics and Law for Accountants: Explores basic legal and ethical principles underlying the practice of accounting. Special attention devoted to spotting legal and ethical issues as they arise in a commercial and professional context.