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MPAcc Prerequisites

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) Program, with its two tracks of Auditing & Assurance, is designed primarily for applicants who have an undergraduate business degree with an accounting option or major. Generally, students with such a degree would not need to complete any course prerequisites prior to applying for the program. Applicants with non-UW degrees will be screened to determine whether the prerequisite courses have been taken.

Students without a degree in business, or with a degree in business but without an accounting option, may apply for this program; however, all prerequisite classes must be completed before the September of start of the MPAcc Program. Students without an undergraduate degree in business need to complete all the courses or their equivalents listed below. Economics majors may not need the business credits if their economics credits are acceptable to the CPA board. Students with an undergraduate business degree (but not an option in accounting) need to complete those courses listed below under Accounting Option. Descriptions of the courses may be obtained by reference to the University of Washington Web site for undergraduate programs for the following prerequisites. These classes, or their equivalents, must be taken at a college or university, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

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Prerequisites for UW Foster School Accounting Students

Foster School of Business Accounting students will have completed all their prerequisites for the MPAcc program once they have graduated. The BA/Accounting degree must be completed before the September of the start of the MPAcc program. Exceptions may apply for students with upper level accounting classes, and prospective students are encouraged to contact us directly if there is any uncertainty.

Prerequisites for non-UW Accounting Students

Typically, applicants from other universities anywhere in the world who studied Business Administration with an Accounting major will be eligible for the MPAcc program. We expect students to have taken the standard business classes–Marketing, Finance, Info Systems, International Business, Organizational Behavior, Business Communications, Business/Intermediate Economics, Operations, and course on Business Regulations/Ethics. For Accounting courses, we expect Financial and Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Accounting for Information Systems, Audit, Tax and a year of Intermediate Accounting. Exceptions may apply, and prospective students are encouraged to contact us directly if there is any uncertainty.

Prerequisites for non-Accounting and non-Business Students

The Washington State CPA requires 24 semester/36 quarter credits of Accounting. For applicants who majored in either Business Administration or Economics, but did not focus on Accounting, we encourage to take UW’s Certificate in Accounting, offered either as a summer intensive or 9-month course. Prospective students committed to taking the certificate in accounting prior to the next start date are welcome to apply to MPAcc by the February 15th deadline but acceptance to the program will be dependent on successful completion of the certificate in accounting. Please contact us with questions.

The Washington State CPA also requires 24 semester/36 quarter credits of Business Administration and/or Economics. Students applying to MPAcc without a BA/BS in Business or Econ, will not be eligible for the CPA and therefore not eligible for the program, unless the applicant indicates that the CPA is not a goal. In that case, applicants should contact us.