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MPAcc Prerequisites

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) Program, with its two tracks of Auditing & Assurance, is designed primarily for applicants who have an undergraduate business degree with an accounting option or major. Generally, students with such a degree would not need to complete any course prerequisites prior to applying for the program. Applicants with non-UW degrees will be screened to determine whether the prerequisite courses have been taken.

Students without a degree in business, or with a degree in business but without an accounting option, may apply for this program; however, all prerequisite classes must be completed before the September of start of the MPAcc Program. Students without an undergraduate degree in business need to complete all the courses or their equivalents listed below. Economics majors may not need the business credits if their economics credits are acceptable to the CPA board. Students with an undergraduate business degree (but not an option in accounting) need to complete those courses listed below under Accounting Option. Descriptions of the courses may be obtained by reference to the University of Washington Web site for undergraduate programs for the following prerequisites. These classes, or their equivalents, must be taken at a college or university, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Accounting Option

Accounting 301, 302, 303       Intermediate Accounting I, II, III (offered as 2 classes in semester systems)
Accounting 311                          Cost Accounting
Accounting 320                         Accounting Information Systems
Accounting 321                         Tax Effects of Business Decisions
Accounting 411                          Auditing

Other Prerequisite Business Courses

Business Econ 300                  Managerial Economics
Finance 350                              Business Finance
Management 300                    Human Resource Management
IS 300                                        Intro. to Information Systems
I Bus 300                                  International Environment of Business
Mktg 301                                   Marketing Concepts
OpMgt 301                               Principles of Operations Management

Accounting Certificate

Students who have a business degree but need the accounting major classes might consider completing the accounting prerequisite classes through the summer Accounting 505 Certificate Program which is offered through the University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education. Accounting 505 satisfies the prerequisite accounting class requirement in order to apply to the UW MPAcc program. This certificate program is also offered during the regular academic year in the evenings and on week-ends as Accounting 506, 507 and 508.

  • There is a separate application fee and program fees for the Accounting Certificate Program.

For more information: Visit the Summer Accounting Program website or contact UW Professional & Continuing Education at 206-685-8936.

The summer program covers each class subject in 8 days, rather than the usual 10 weeks of an academic quarter. Therefore students from this program are responsible for all topics covered in each textbook and cannot expect MPAcc professors to provide additional study sessions to make up for any information they might be missing. Students should also note that grades from the summer certificate program are not available until the end of August which is well past the application deadline if they are applying to the MPAcc program for the same year. By then our program could be filled or have a wait list.