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Culture, Values and Community

Discover an empowering MBA culture. The spirit of the Northwest region permeates the Foster MBA Program—it’s a diverse mix of entrepreneurial thinkers, innovative problem-solvers, egalitarian team players and motivated professionals who thrive in a flexible environment. Here students don’t ask what you drive, they ask what drives you.

Connect with an experienced, diverse class. In a small program, each student has a greater impact. Foster MBA students are chosen for more than GMAT scores, they are chosen for what they can contribute to the class and to future employers. Foster MBAs bring a strong blend of work experience, professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm. They also bring tremendous diversity. More than an third of UW MBA students come from outside the U.S. and nearly 40 percent are women. Here, students build teams that transcend cultural viewpoints and gain a deeper perspective from an open exchange of ideas.

The personal attention may surprise you. The Foster MBA Program is small by intention. Smaller classes mean students get more time with faculty and staff. The intimate size means that students have a voice in fine-tuning the MBA Program and making it more effective. They have an opportunity to create custom programs and concurrent degrees, tailoring a degree of their own design. Students also get to know their peers in a series of small group interactions.

Work hard, and play hard too. Earning an MBA in a rigorous program takes discipline, focus and great time management skills. But there’s still time for fun. Foster MBAs take networking and teambuilding seriously, building future career opportunities during a guided climb of Mount Rainier, or fitting in a project discussion between charity board meetings. Many students choose Seattle for its active lifestyle, taking time between classes to run, kayak, attend the theater, play golf and just enjoy the company of new friends.

Discover Seattle’s Business Community. Seattle may be famous for coffee, software, and rain, but once you visit, you’ll find the real attributes that lure Foster MBA students from around the world: innovative, global companies with strong growth potential; abundant resources for entrepreneurs; the University of Washington’s international reputation; and engaged alumni who open doors for new Foster MBAs in the Northwest and around the world. Learn more about Seattle’s Business Community.

Partner with us to make the most of your MBA experience. The Foster MBA Program community is here to help you achieve your potential. Connect with the Foster MBA Program Staff and Faculty to get the guidance you need to reach your goals.