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Study Teams

The Heart of the Executive MBA Program

Students and alumni often describe their Study Team as the most powerful aspect of their EMBA experience. Each EMBA student is assigned to a “Study Team” thoughtfully developed by the EMBA Program’s senior staff to represent a diverse mix of professional backgrounds, industries, and areas of expertise. Study Teams work together throughout the first year of the program. To expand the opportunity to work closely with other members of the class, and reflecting periodic team changes of the real-world, at the end of year one students are assigned to a new team for year two of the program. Our experience is that, very quickly, study teams learn to work together, learn from each other and share the EMBA experience. By the end of the program, many people refer to their study team as being like a “family.”

How Study Teams enrich the Executive MBA Experience

  • Simulate the dynamics of a real management team
  • Expand leadership skills: teammates take turns facilitating Study Team meetings and leading projects
  • Offer new perspectives from peers with different business expertise
  • Create an opportunity to test new business solutions and best practices in your or other member’s organizations

Why Study Teams support collaboration

  • Divide responsibility and share research for projects
  • Manage and negotiate workloads
  • Develop camaraderie, creating life-long professional and personal relationships
  • Take turns facilitating study sessions