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EMBA Boise

Looking for a nationally-recognized Executive MBA program accessible from Boise? The EMBA at the Michael G. Foster School of Business in Seattle has been serving mid-career business professionals from the Boise area for years. Foster EMBA students and alumni represent key companies like Hewlett-Packard Company, GSquare Companies, Crowley Davis Research Inc. and McMillen, LLC.

Garrett Goldberg, founder and manager of GSquare Companies in Boise, commuted to Seattle once a month for three to four days of intensive EMBA classes. He wanted an MBA program that would broaden his ability to speak the language of business. He found that Foster’s Executive MBA Program offered a great combination of quality and accessibility.

“As part of my professional continuing education, I began to realize how much I didn’t know about the general business environment.  In commercial real estate, your properties and portfolios are only as good as the underlying tenants who pay rent and create ‘places’ for commerce. I realized that I needed to understand the underlying business fundamentals for these diverse companies… As the real estate downturn was in full effect, I wanted to supplement my on the job learning from Boise. I looked at other part-time or fly-in programs, and really found UW to be the best fit, both geographically and with the timeline I had allowed. I was so happy with the faculty and the quality of learning, and proud to be a part of the Northwest’s finest university.”

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