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UW Foster Executive MBA Program Does Not Require the GMAT *

We do not require the GMAT for applicants with an undergraduate degree or above. (* Applicants without an undergraduate degree must take the GMAT. Please consult with an EMBA admission staff member.) However, to equip students for the quantitative rigor of the EMBA Program, all entering students are required to complete the EMBA Summer Workshop and EMBA Accounting Boot Camp. The Workshop and Boot Camp span six weeks, between mid-July and late-August, and includes thirty-six (36) hours of content. The sessions are held on campus (two, 3-hour sessions each week). Since not all participants can attend in person, sessions are available via live stream and/or recorded session.

Summer Workshop content includes:

  • basic business math through calculus
  • an introduction to microeconomics
  • probability and statistics
  • enhancing student problem solving abilities utilizing Microsoft Excel

Students are given an assessment (quiz) to ensure completion and mastery of Workshop content. There is no additional cost for the Workshop and students are provided all necessary textbooks and materials.

Additionally, we require completion of the EMBA Accounting Boot Camp for all entering students.(Note: Individuals with a CPA credential, accounting undergraduate degree, or current accounting/finance experience are exempt from the Accounting Boot Camp.)

We believe the Summer Workshop, including successful completion of the assessment/quiz, and the Accounting Boot Camps provide an important opportunity for entering students to refresh and enhance both their quantitative skills and study habits. The goal is to prepare a cohort better prepared to optimize their EMBA experience.