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Sharing with You

Transparency is critical to being accountable to our Foster community; we need to act and make changes based on what we hear. Here we will share updates and reports on our efforts and insights.

Dean’s Listening Session Reports

After each Listening Session, we will post our report and track issues identified here.

Student Course Evaluations

This report summarizes results from the new items to measure inclusive teaching that were added to Foster’s course evaluations in 2020-21. View the report here.

Inclusion and Pulse Survey Results

Microaggressions & Microaffirmations Report

Each year, we’ll post a report summarizing general themes identified in the Microaggressions survey. Expect a report here in Spring 2023.

Annual DEI Report

Our annual report provides a snapshot of our community’s diversity, outlines the progress we have made, the challenges we continue to face, and our plans for next steps.

DEI Report

Faculty & Staff DEI Dashboard

Tracks the diversity of our community over time (available only to Foster faculty and staff).

DEI Dashboard

The latest report from the Bias Incident Advisory Committee was shared in Winter Quarter 2021:

43 Reports were filed (over half were filed anonymously) in WQ 2021

Reminder that this is for the entire UW Campus, not just the Foster School
WQ 2020: 20
WQ 2019: 12

Primary concern as reported by the person completing the report

Discrimination: 28
Harassment: 6
Flyers/Posters: 5
Grafitti: 1
Damage to Property: 1
Intimidation/Threat: 1

Themes identified in an informal review of reports

These don’t center on one department, school, college
Employment, hiring
Disrespectful environment
Anti-Asian harassment, xenophobia
Misogyny, sexist attitudes
Dismissive behavior based on faith/religion, conservative perspectives

For more info about the Bias Incident Reporting Tool or the Bias Incident Advisory Committee, visit the Reporting Bias Incidents page or contact Mara Stevens.