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2014 MSOM Conference

The Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (MSOM) 2014 Conference and Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings

hosted by

The Foster School Of Business, University Of Washington Seattle, Washington (USA)

June 19, 2014: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Meetings
June 20-21, 2014: MSOM 2014 Conference

The University of Washington’s Foster School of Business was pleased to host the 2014 MSOM Conference on June 20-21, 2014 and SIGs (Special Interest Groups) on Thursday, June 19, 2014. The University of Washington (UW) was uniquely qualified to host the MSOM (Manufacturing & Service Operations Management) conference given that the UW and the Seattle area have developed many successful and well-known businesses in both manufacturing and service areas. The successful conference was facilitated by the new Foster School facilities: Paccar and Dempsey Halls.

The conference introduced several innovations, including a keynote speaker (Russell Allgor, chief scientist, Amazon Fulfillment Services) and a Future Faculty Track where doctoral students who were in the academic job market could present (and we would record) their research presentations. The doctoral students who participated in the Future Faculty Track are listed below (all papers were refereed by at least two reviewers before being were accepted for presentation).

Future Faculty Presentations at the MSOM 2014 Conference

Abad, Carlos
Akkas, Arzum
Bravo, Fernanda
Chen, David
Chen, Wei
Cohen, Maxime
Dhanorkar, Suvrat
Feldman, Jake
Geng, Xin
Ghuloum, Mohammad
Guetta, Daniel
He, Long
Huang, Lu
Hwang, Woonam
Kallus, Nathan
Ke, Tony
Korpeoglu, Ersin
Mancini, Angelo
Papanastasiou, Yiangos
Saban, Daniela
Serpa, Juan Camilo
Shao, Lusheng
Simsek, A. Serdar
Souyris, Sebastian
Tan, Yinliang
Vayanos, Phebe
Vedantam, Aditya
Xin, Linwei
Xu, Ying
Yao, John
Zhang, XinXin
Zheng, Hua