Celebrate the Centennial. Share your story.

The UW Foster School of Business celebrates its centennial in 2017. We're asking our alumni to send us their favorite memories from their time as students, so we can share them with the business school community on our centennial website. You can view the centennial timeline here.

Foster alumni talking at event

How to submit

Did you have a favorite course or professor? Was there a life-changing moment inside or outside the classroom? We'd love to hear about it! If you have any photos you'd like to share (either from your time as a student, or of yourself now) we'd love to see them too. Complete the form below and attach your files.

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    If you want to send a video please keep the file size small (around one minute). If you want to send text, please attach a .doc or .txt file. If you want to send photos, you may attach multiple files.
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    We'll contact you if your story is included in our centennial website.
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