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What is the Foster experience? Graduates will tell you it is all about the exciting programs, events, and learning opportunities that go into developing young professionals of the highest quality. This year, the Class of 2017 can keep that statement a powerful reality for the undergraduates that follow behind them. By donating to the Foster Community Fund for Undergraduate Programs, 2017 Foster graduates can cement the legacy of powerful experiences that make up a UW Business Degree.

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Goal: 50% participation

Progress: 5%

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Swag & Perks

  1. Gifts of $20.17 given by May 13 will be entered into a raffle for a $10 Starbucks Gift Card(1 in 17 chance to win)
  2. Gold "W" Lapel pin to wear with your cap and gown at graduation, and at work
  3. Foster Purple Beach Mat
  4. Your name on the HuskyTron at Graduation (Husky Stadium)

Matching Funds

Senior Class Gifts will be matched based on the total % of participation by Foster Seniors. Gifts made to Foster affiliated funds, will be matched to the specific fund.

Example: 25% of Foster Seniors give a gift, the total amount gifted will be matched. $1000 was gifted to Foster Community Fund, the Community Fund will receive a match of $250.

  • Class of 2017 Campaign Committee

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