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Foster students standing in front of PACCAR Hall during event

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What is the Foster experience? Graduates will tell you it is all about the exciting programs, events, and learning opportunities that go into developing young professionals of the highest quality. This year, the Class of 2017 can keep that statement a powerful reality for the undergraduates that follow behind them. By donating to the Foster Community Fund for Undergraduate Programs, 2017 Foster graduates can cement the legacy of powerful experiences that make up a UW Business Degree.

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Thank you, Seniors!

  • Keith Acfalle
  • Angie Andriani
  • Clare Beusch
  • Anna Briant
  • Emily Cann
  • Emily Cestari
  • Jack Chen
  • Kim Do
  • Benjamin Ferrara
  • Alan Fung
  • Anu Gadwal
  • Anna Gallagher
  • Vienna Gilman
  • Rylie Gitnes
  • Evan Hargreaves
  • Andrew Huo
  • Yinqi Jiang
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Travis Kersey
  • Ramzee Khalil
  • Michael Kim
  • Thao Le
  • Jennifer Mallahan
  • Jane Manke
  • Connor Moore
  • Michael Mulch
  • Jeremy Odaka
  • Sepehr Shamsollahi
  • Mark Shipley
  • Romel Soltero
  • Ryley Stanley
  • Amanda Staten
  • Christopher Steckler
  • Eleanor Stranton-Clunas
  • Theodore Timbrook
  • Tori Timmons
  • Uyen Tran
  • Anna Tran
  • Charlie Um
  • Nichole Umlauf
  • Qi Wang
  • Rukmal Weerawarana
  • Christine Winn
  • Hengyang Zhi
  • Chelsea Zybach

For me, choosing to donate to the to Foster Community Fund was instinctive, it exemplifies what it means to be part of a community which provided continually support, resources and connections to us as students over the years. I felt giving back was only natural, as I took advantage of all of the extra networking events that occurred throughout the years. Giving up a few days’ worth of coffee, is nothing, compared to the investment in future generations.— Michael Mulch, B.A.B.A. Information Systems 2017

  • Class of 2017 Campaign Committee

  • Eleanor Stratton-Clunas
  • Mark Shipley
    Mark Shipley
  • Ben Ferrara
    Ben Ferrara
  • Jane Manke
    Jane Manke
  • Anna Gallagher
    Anna Gallagher

  • Keith Acfalle

  • Michael Jacobson
  • Eva Velasco
    Eva Velasco