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Office: 414 PACCAR Hall
Phone: 206-543-8742
Fax: 206-543-3968
Email: mpilcher(at)uw.edu

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226

Martha Pilcher

Senior Lecturer of Operations Management


PhD Georgia Institute of Technology (1985)
MS Georgia Institute of Technology (1978)
BA Georgia Institute of Technology (1976)

Academic Expertise

operations management
operations research

Current Research

Polyhedral theory and cutting planes, Symmetric traveling salesman problem, Statistics and methodology for comparing heuristics, Test problemgener-ation, Vehicle routing, Logistics, Health-care applications of OM/QM tools and techniques

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 1987
Adjunct lecturer at the University of Colorado, 1992-present
Adjunct lecturer in UW Dept. of Health Services, 1989-present
Technical staff for AT&T Bell Laboratories, 1985-1987
Visiting assistant professor at Purdue University, 1984-1985
Instructor at Emory University, 1980-1984

Selected Publications

  1. Polynomial Constructability and Traveling Salesman Problems of Intermediate Complexity
    Book: Pilcher, M., Radin, R., & Rovey, C., (1993). Complexity in Numerical Optimization, World Scientific
  2. Partial Polyhedral Description and Generation of Discrete Optimization Problems with Known Optima
    Journal Article: Pilcher, M., & Rardin, R., (1992). Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 39(6), pp. 839–858.
  3. Fleet Size Planning When Outside Carrier Services are Available
    Journal Article: Klincewicz, J., Luss, H., & Pilcher, M., (1990). Transportation Science, Vol. 24(3), pp. 169-182.


Seattle Children's Hospital: Implementation of reengineering effort
Washington State Department of Transportation: Co-Principle Investigator on project
UW Health Services: Lead role in developing three-course sequence that combines biostatistics, epidemiological methods, and their application in health service delivery settings

Honors and Awards

Undergraduate Professor of the Quarter for Spring for Operations Management, 2006

Academic Service

Helped to develop inter-disciplinary certificate program in Global Transportation and Logistics