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Faculty Research Briefs


Feelings of gratitude increase the consumption of sweets
Featuring Ann Schlosser

Social media amplifies damage of product recalls to firms—and their rivals
Featuring Abhishek Borah

The Horror! Feelings of fear enhance attachment to brands
Featuring Lea Dunn


Foster Faculty receive international recognition for superior research
Featuring Benjamin Hallen, Christopher Hrdlicka, Christopher M. Barnes, David Burgstahler, Hema Yoganarasimhan, Robert W. Palmatier, Terence Mitchell, Thomas Gilbert, Thomas Jones, and Thomas William Lee

Foster School continues run of stellar faculty hires in every department
Featuring Amin Sayedi, Benjamin Hallen, Florian Schulz, Hema Yoganarasimhan, Jianqing 'Fisher' Wu, Lea Dunn, Phillip Quinn, and Terrence Blackburne

High-risk health messages can prevent one disease, promote another
Featuring Nidhi Agrawal

Look out, lovelorn men! Romantic rejection could cost you
Featuring Mark Forehand and Shailendra Pratap Jain

New Palmatier book the definitive guide to marketing channel strategy
Featuring Robert W. Palmatier

New Palmatier book the definitive guide to marketing channel strategy
Featuring Robert W. Palmatier

The Foster Why
Featuring Abhishek Borah, Ann Schlosser, Bruce Avolio, Christina Ting Fong, Christopher M. Barnes, Jeffrey D. Shulman, Mark Forehand, Michael Johnson, Natalie Mizik, Nidhi Agrawal, Richard Yalch, Robert W. Palmatier, Ryan Fehr, Scott J. Reynolds, Shailendra Pratap Jain, Suresh Kotha, and Xiao-Ping Chen

The Year in Research: 2013-14
Featuring Abhishek Borah, Asher Curtis, Christopher Hrdlicka, Christopher M. Barnes, Jarrad Harford, Jonathan Brogaard, Jonathan Z. Zhang, Mark Forehand, Nidhi Agrawal, Ran Duchin, Ryan Fehr, Scott J. Reynolds, Shailendra Pratap Jain, Terence Mitchell, Thomas Gilbert, Thomas Jones, and Xiao-Ping Chen


Delaying introduction of innovations can yield market gain, revenue loss
Featuring Natalie Mizik

Dynamic B2B pricing boosts profitability, maintains customer relationships
Featuring Jonathan Z. Zhang

Foster MBAs learn marketing on premium tequila, next-gen game console
Featuring Mark Forehand

Make, buy or ally? Some paths to innovation work better than others
Featuring Abhishek Borah

Matching message to emotion is essential to effective public health campaigns
Featuring Nidhi Agrawal

New year’s resolutions: the empiricist’s guide
Featuring Nidhi Agrawal

Oliver Rutz named Marketing Science Institute “Young Scholar”
Featuring Oliver J. Rutz

Rob Palmatier honored for contribution to marketing strategy research
Featuring Robert W. Palmatier


“Cheater’s high” can be a more powerful force than gain or guilt
Featuring Natalie Mizik

A trick to making a product seem less (or more) expensive
Featuring Jeffrey D. Shulman

Advertisers should take care when trying to manipulate self-perception
Featuring Mark Forehand

Foster School hosts prestigious international marketing consortium
Featuring Douglas MacLachlan, Nidhi Agrawal, Richard Yalch, and Robert W. Palmatier

Master Class: Foster School amplified by nine new faculty members
Featuring Asher Curtis, David G. Sirmon, Foad Iravani, Mark Westerfield, Michael R. Wagner, Natalie Mizik, Ran Duchin, Sarah McVay, and Tracey Seslen

Social networking ads impel us to identify with brands
Featuring Mark Forehand


15 Cautionary Tales: Failed Marketing Campaigns
Featuring Daniel Turner, Elizabeth Stearns, and Shailendra Pratap Jain

Consumer support of brand extensions depends on change philosophy
Featuring Shailendra Pratap Jain

How to make a credible online review
Featuring Ann Schlosser

Shulman honored by top marketing and management journals
Featuring Jeffrey D. Shulman