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The Department of Marketing and International Business offers courses in three distinct, yet integrated curriculum areas: marketing, international business and business communications.

Every major industry has been affected by international business trends, innovations and trade. Foster’s international business curriculum prepares students for careers in export and import firms, international banking, multinational business, government agencies, international organizations and more.

An estimated one-quarter of the workforce is employed in marketing, making the general field of marketing one of the largest areas of employment opportunity in business today. Students focusing on marketing will gain the essential knowledge for a variety of positions in areas related to the movement of goods and services from producer to consumer, such as:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Product Marketing
  • New Product Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Retailing and Distribution
  • Sales Management

The field integrates the understanding of economics, sociology, psychology, and statistics to develop marketing systems and processes, and applies this knowledge to specific marketing management problems.

Undergraduate Curriculum

All Foster School undergraduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA). Students focus their degree through the areas of study. Learn more about the marketing, international business and business communications courses.

MBA Curriculum

Marketing and international business are integrated into the curriculum of all Foster MBA Programs. Students in the Full-time and Evening MBA Programs can focus their degree through electives. Learn more about the marketing and international business courses for MBAs.

Marketing Specializations

Modern marketing professionals must know how and when to measure, manage, and analyze data to maximize performance. Students at both undergraduate and graduate levels can earn a Marketing Specialization by taking a specific sequence of courses that provide a relevant and rigorous survey of the evolving worlds of product marketing or marketing analytics.

Product Marketing Specialization

A cohesive approach to exploring marketing fundamentals like branding, product management, and advertising.

MBA course sequence

Autumn: MKTG 552 (previously 512), Consumer Marketing & Brand Strategy
Winter: MKTG 554 (previously 510), Strategic Product Management
Spring: MKTG 556 (previously 540), Advertising and Promotion Management

Undergraduate course sequence

Autumn: MKTG 450, Consumer Behavior
Winter: MKTG 454 (previously 410), Strategic Product Management
Spring: MKTG 456 (previously 340), Advertising and Promotion Management

Marketing Analytics Specialization

An in-depth examination of the tools, technologies, and practices essential to making good, informed decisions.

MBA course sequence

Autumn: MKTG 562 (previously 565), Customer Analytics
Winter: MKTG 564, Analytics for Marketing Decisions
Spring: MKTG 566 (previously 579), Digital Marketing

Undergraduate course sequence

Autumn: MKTG 462 (previously 465), Customer Analytics
Winter: MKTG 464 (new course), Analytics for Marketing Decisions
Spring: MKTG 466 (previously 490), Digital Marketing