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Curriculum and Faculty

The University of Washington has offered this popular program for more than 35 years, yet the original goals are still relevant today: to enhance banking and decision-making skills in a changing global economy by addressing current challenges; to develop a network of business contacts; and to provide multicultural perceptions and understanding necessary to work with those contacts and beyond.

Maria Fernanda

Meeting people from all over the world was very enriching and thought-provoking. The quality of professors was outstanding.Maria Fernanda Langman, Banco General, Panama, PRBP ’17
Effective Leadership
Participants learn to apply successful leadership and decision-making models to understand how to overcome personal gaps and become a more effective leader. Class exercises help participants determine their leadership strengths and identify skill areas to improve.

Financial Management of Banks: BankExec International™ Simulation
Teams of participants apply their learning while managing a computer-simulated bank through four financial quarters. Lectures and discussions illuminate financial management issues and provide feedback on the outcomes. Key decision aspects of the simulation include asset liability management, loan and deposit pricing, liquidity management, and capital management.

Financial Services Industry: Practices, Products and Prospects
Participants will work in teams to present reports on current issues in banking. Moderated question and answer sessions take place during each of the selected presentations.
Guest speakers from financial institutions and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco will give presentations on trends and pressures inside and outside the world of banking.

Sessions will address the dynamics of competition in financial services and will focus especially on financial structures ranging from universal banks to specialist financial services firms. Participants will discuss the role of market concentration, economies of scale and scope, diversification, and related factors in forming and executing strategy.

Business Ethics
Participants learn how to increase their ability to manage the ethical aspects of business. They will consider a framework that allows them to quickly analyze the fundamental elements of an ethical issue. They will then learn how the framework helps them to describe the ethical issues they encounter, make correct judgments and develop strategies for persuading others.

International Financial Markets
Faculty lectures present an overview of trends and pressures affecting international financial markets. Class discussion focuses on reasons for growth of offshore markets so participants gain an understanding of the determination of interest rates in international markets.

The Pacific Rim in the Global Economy
Sessions will focus on the impact of the current economic state in the global financial market. For example, discussion in the 2016 program revolved around the economic implications of Brexit, the British vote to leave the European Union.

Sessions will focus on providing participants with tools for becoming a more effective communicator and decision-maker. Proven techniques for building and maintaining relationships, how to apply appropriate power and influence, structuring agreements, and developing buy-in will be discussed.

An interactive and rich learning experience

With the Pacific Rim Bankers Program’s highly interactive format, the way you learn is as engaging as the learning itself:

Lectures and discussions:
Learn frameworks and techniques for analyzing the most current and relevant issues important to bankers, and benefit from fellow participants’ insights, knowledge, and experience.

Study teams:
Participate in small group exercises to build teamwork skills while forging international relationships for future connections.

Case studies:
Understand how to analyze strategic banking issues through examining real-world problems within a team setting and discussing your findings across teams in class. Instructors facilitate the learning discussions and provide key takeaways.

Computer-based simulation:
Create a bank with your team and make the decisions — loan and deposit pricing, asset-liability management, liquidity management, capital management — that determine its success in the highly rated Bank Exec International™ simulation. You will gain a higher perspective of how banks operate as a whole in today’s financial environment.

Bank seminars and guest speakers:
Get the inside track from guest speakers representing major banks and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as they discuss current issues related to banking and business.

Hot topic presentations
Influential professionals in the banking industry facilitate a presentation and question and answer session about current issues. These presentations are intended to provide an in-depth overview of topics most applicable to the challenges you face today. Previous presentations have focused on wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, managing risk, and sub-prime issues.

Sightseeing in Seattle and San Francisco
Enjoy the sights, flavors and shopping destinations in two beautiful West Coast cities. Free time in Seattle and San Francisco will give you an opportunity to explore with the group or on your own.

The very best of the best – that is the essence of the faculty of the Pacific Rim Bankers Program (PRBP). They are insightful, experienced, and dedicated to progressive thinking. Participants have called PRBP faculty thought-provoking, stimulating, inspirational, even entertaining. They are scholars grounded in reality, yet they believe in the magic of thinking big and in creating an interactive environment where students can ask challenging questions during class – or afterwards over a cup of coffee.

Patrick Bettin, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Senior Lecturer, Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Donald J. Mullineaux, Ph.D.
Dupont Chair, Banking and Financial Services
University of Kentucky

Stephan Siegel
Professor of Accounting
Alton Kirk Lanterman/Holland America Line Westours Endowed Professor
Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Programs
Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Dan Turner
Principal Lecturer of Marketing
Peter and Noydena Brix Endowed Faculty Fellow
Associate Dean, Masters Programs
Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Elizabeth Umphress
Associate Professor of Management
Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington