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Custom Programs

Foster School of Business Executive Education offers custom programs tailored to your specific business needs for greater organizational impact. Your employees remain focused on your mission and goals as they acquire new knowledge and skills under the guidance of the University of Washington’s outstanding faculty.  It also strengthens one of the core assets in your organization and helps to develop and retain key employees.

Executive Education can design a unique program with customized content and instruction to meet the needs and challenges of your company.


  • Create a learning experience tailored specifically for your company needs.
  • Develop common processes within your company by learning as a group.
  • Learn relevant, up-to-date business skills from world renowned Foster School of Business faculty.
  • Work with faculty to develop company-specific instructional materials, including customized case studies based on your business.

Although custom programs are usually designed for groups of 20 or more participants, we also offer tailored programs for individuals who would like to study for 3-12 months duration. For more information, see the Visiting Executive Program page.

Any of our open-enrollment seminars can be offered as a class exclusively for your company employees.  Programs can be hosted at the University of Washington Seattle campus, at your company’s facility, or at another off-site location.


  1. Cost Savings – With a class of 25 or more, the cost per participant could be lower than regular open seminar cost.
  2. Convenience – Allow class to take place at your organization for maximum flexibility, convenience and time savings.
  3. Faster Delivery – Because content is already designed, we can deliver a seminar in no time.
  4. Focus on Your Organizational Challenges – In class discussion focuses on specific issues related to your organizational needs.

Custom Programs are just that – custom. They all tackle a specific need or challenge faced by a company. Custom Programs can vary widely in timing and content.

  • A two-day seminar on negotiating skills
  • A one-week program on finance and accounting fundamentals
  • A two-week management development program where participants live on campus
  • A six-month program meeting once each week to solve a specific business problem

The Action Learning Project
Some of our custom programs are designed to tackle a current problem faced by a company or its executives. The cornerstone of these programs is a work project designed by participants – an Action Learning Project (ALP) – in collaboration with you and the Foster team. An ALP allows participants to apply new knowledge and skills gained from University of Washington coursework to accomplish a specific goal at work or to tackle a persistent problem.

Experiential Learning
In addition to classroom learning, programs often incorporate experiential learning whereby the participants are learning through a select experience. This could manifest itself through some athletic metaphor such as on a golf course or through simulated exercise in a desert. The common goal of these experiences is to allow participants to act upon their knowledge in a manner that would help them apply the learning more effectively.

For more information on partnering your organization with the Michael G. Foster School of Business, please contact Jennifer Mullen, Director of Executive Education at 206-543-8560 or by e-mail at