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Leadership Fellows

Leadership Fellows are second-year, full-time MBA students in the Foster School of Business who support first year MBA students to adjust to Foster and enhance their leadership and team capabilities. They do so through peer coaching, mentoring, and more.

  • They help individual MBA teams focus and reflect on their team process and functioning. Each first-year team’s assigned Fellows provide input on the team’s contract, and facilitate activities such as a check-in meeting early in the quarter to reflect on how the team is doing, as well as a mid-quarter feedback session.
  • Each Fellow also meets individually with their assigned first-year students throughout their first six months in the program to check in on how things are going. First-year students can use them as a sounding board for topics such as transitioning to MBA life, as a thought partner to help identify developmental priorities, as a peer coach to help figure out how to handle challenging situations, etc.

Fellows work closely with each other and with the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking’s coaching staff in a supportive network to enhance and refine their own leadership, strategic thinking, and coaching skills.

Become a Leadership Fellow

Being a Fritzky Leadership Fellow offers a select group of second-year students with a unique, hands-on leadership development opportunity. Each Fellow coaches and mentors up to 3 teams of first-year MBA students in autumn and winter quarters. See former fellows on the Foster blog.

Program Features


  • participate in training focused on learning leadership development strategies, models and methods of coaching.
  • engage in a two-credit Leadership and Coaching Practicum during autumn and winter quarters that exposes them to the latest work on leadership, strategic thinking, coaching, effective communication, and team performance. This course will earn them 2-credits total across the 2 quarters.
  • create leadership development goals and action plans, track progress toward these goals and receive developmental feedback from others
  • receive individual coaching from a professional leadership coach
  • work closely with other fellows in a supportive network that is focused on developing their leadership

Program Benefits

  • Greater self-awareness about your leadership
  • Increased ability to effectively lead others and manage interpersonal relationships
  • Improved skills in team development, conflict resolution, coaching and group facilitation

All Fellows are paid a stipend in fall and winter quarters for participating in this developmental experience.

These stipends are funded by a permanent endowment supported by the Fritzky family.

Interested in becoming a Leadership Fellow?

Click on the headings below to find out more about the roles and responsibilities of Leadership Fellows, as well as application information.

Roles and Responsibilities
Timeline and Commitments
Application and Selection Process