Foster School Global Social Ambassador Program

The Foster School of Business is proud to have 19 undergraduate exchange partner institutions around the world. Each quarter as many as 30 international exchange students from our partner institutions are welcomed to Seattle to experience student life at the University of Washington and in the United States. Every exchange student is paired with a Foster School student during the time they are studying in Seattle to introduce them to the American lifestyle and culture that they might not experience independently.

Historically this pairing has been referred to as the ‘buddy’ program. However, if you volunteer to be paired with one our exchange visitors, the word ‘buddy’ does not do you justice. You deserve to be recognized as the ambassador that you are! The Global Social Ambassador (GSA) program is being led by two GSA Co-Chairs, who are working to introduce new opportunities, expand efforts and create a robust network of Foster School students who are enthusiastic about the world!

Why Become a Global Social Ambassador?

Business is Global

Building intercultural competence is essential to success in business; establishing relationships with your peers from around the world is a great foundation.

Engage Yourself

Becoming a GSA could be a complimentary and enjoyable part of your university achievements. Imagine your future employer asking, “Will you tell me more about your experience as a global social ambassador?”

Have Fun

Do you love to show off Seattle to visitors? Be part of fun excursions to places such as Pike Place Market, Theo Chocolate Factory, or the Columbia Tower!

Are you a Foster School student who is eager to get involved? We are now accepting Global Social Ambassador applications for the 2016-17 school year.
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Student Leadership

The 2017-2018 cohort of Global Social Ambassadors is led by co-chairs Macey McGovern and Ramon Jiang.

Macey McGovernMacey McGovern
Macey comes to Foster from the quaint town of Monroe, Washington. She is entering her third and final undergraduate year of studying marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, and political science. She enjoys smiling, laughing, and working hard. After having a buddy to help her while on exchange in Sydney, she wanted to make sure incoming exchange students at Foster had the same opportunity. A global perspective is the best asset she believes a Foster student can bring out of their undergraduate years, and the GSA program is the perfect way to work for just that. Plus, who doesn’t like making a new international friend or two that they can visit later on?
Ramon JiangRamon Jiang