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Global Business Forum

The Global Business Forum (GBF) is an engaging MBA class and discussion forum where professionals from around the world share their insights into the complexities of doing business globally – differences encountered, obstacles overcome, advantages discovered, and solutions developed.

The GBF is intentionally designed to connect students directly with global business leaders. Students are offered opportunities to lead Q&A discussions, summarize presentations for speaker follow-up, and engage in 1:1 meaningful conversations with speakers.

The Global Business Forum takes place Mondays, 12:30-1:20pm for daytime MBAs and 5:00-5:50pm for Eve MBAs. Each quarter offers diverse discussions under a uniting global business theme. Christina Fong is the lead faculty for the Forum.

Autumn 2017: Global Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has increasingly been recognized as a source of competitive advantage where strong global relationships are paramount. We will invite supply chain managers whose work has global outreach and impact to answer questions such as: What are the ways in which supply chain management can make or break a business? How do organizations successfully maintain visibility throughout a global supply chain? What are the most recent innovations in supply chain that have accelerated companies abilities to manage product and process flow around the world?

Winter 2018: Doing Business in the Middle East

Global attention has shifted to the Middle East as a source of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and energy. To learn more about the new Middle East economy, the GBF will host executives who have worked in the Middle East or have built and maintained significant relationships with companies in the Middle East to share their insights, perspectives and experiences. Speakers will be asked to compare and contrast their experiences in middle Eastern countries with business experiences in the US and other countries, to discuss and identify opportunities in the Middle East, as well as the possible pitfalls of doing work in the Middle East.

Spring 2018: Succeeding in Conflict Prone Areas

Sometimes, organizations are forced to conduct business in areas that are experiencing significant political turmoil, warfare, heath care crises or natural disasters. Other times, organizations may actively choose to go into these areas. In this quarter of the GBF, we will explore how the rules of global business change (or stay the same) in conflict prone areas. How do leaders factor in macro-economic shifts, social and/or political strife into their business plans and models? What are the lessons learned from doing this kind of work, and how do companies mitigate the significant risks associated with working in conflict prone areas?

MBAs, graduate students from other UW departments, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate. Enrollment for credit in the Global Business Forum (BA 545, Global Business Issues) during three academic quarters is a requirement for the Global Business Program certificate.

For more information on registration and earning credit for the GBF, check out the course page!