Graduate Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Maybe it’s the start-up that’s already swirling in your brain. Maybe it’s your desire to work for an early-stage company. Maybe it’s your passion for technology commercialization or angel investing or environmental innovation. It’s all here.

To prepare yourself for the wild ride in the real world, learn everything you can about entrepreneurship, strategy, finance, and marketing. Focus on the decisions that entrepreneurs have to make, the skills they need to master, the experiences that combine knowledge with insight, the practice of working with a diverse group of people, and your connections with the larger Seattle community. By knowing how it all comes together, you’ll be developing your own identity as an entrepreneur.

Click on each heading to learn more about each course. Questions? Contact Leslie Mabry at or 206-685-5669.

Angel Investing (ENTRE 579)– By Application
Venture Capital Investment Practicum (ENTRE 542)
Technology Commercialization (ENTRE 541)
Software Entrepreneurship (ENTRE 532)
Health Innovation Practicum (ENTRE 579)
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (ENTRE 600) - By Application
New Ventures Practicum (ENTRE 600)
Additional Entrepreneurship Classes